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The Spoon Stealer (2020) 60 eksemplarer
Her Mother's Daughter (2010) 34 eksemplarer
Amazing Grace (2015) 31 eksemplarer
Relative Happiness (2005) 28 eksemplarer
Ava Comes Home (2008) 21 eksemplarer
Shoot Me (2006) 20 eksemplarer
Nosy Parker (2022) 18 eksemplarer
Recipe for a Good Life (2023) 17 eksemplarer
Hit & Mrs. (2009) 15 eksemplarer
Beholden (2018) 13 eksemplarer
Mary, Mary (2016) 12 eksemplarer
Kin (2012) 11 eksemplarer
Chloe Sparrow: a novel (2014) 5 eksemplarer

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Crewe, Lesley
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Homeville, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Concordia University, B.A. English and Education
magazine columnist
Priser og hædersbevisninger
Margaret and John Savage First Book Award Shortlist for "Hit and Mrs." and "Relative Happiness."
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Born in Montreal, Quebec, Lesley has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education from Concordia University and a Masters in Downtrodden Housewife. She became a magazine columnist and features writer with The Cape Bretoner Magazine from 2000-2005. She is now a columnist for the new on-line women’s magazine, Cahoots.



Love so much! This was my first Lesley Crewe novel and I hope more will be left under the tree next year! I enjoyed every page. The characters are so lovable, even the antagonist, because Crewe understands we are all imperfect and some our actions, although we are always motivated by what we think is best at the time.

I'm a cynic who hates cheesy novels and prefers mystery and sci-fi, and I loved his book!
chailatte | Feb 5, 2024 |
I'm not giving this book a rating because I'm quitting at the end of chapter 2, although I did skim a bit ahead to see if it would grip me. It is for book club, but I have so many other things I could/should be reading that I don't have time for a book with a talking dog where a feisty older woman knows best about everything.
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pgchuis | 5 andre anmeldelser | Dec 9, 2023 |
A delightful novel about a delightful lady named Emmeline who struggled to fit into her NS family ( a big lump she was called). When she joins a memoir writing class at her library ( when she is older living in Leigh - in - Sea) we hear her story of loneliness, courage and her love of her family. She talks to her dog Vera who talks back helping her think out the many decisions she makes always helping her family back in NS and her friends in UK.
So many wonderful characters in “ The Spoon Stealer”. Emmeline can’t help but taking a little spoon during some of her adventures . She likes a little momento.
This novel reminds me of “ The Chillbury Choir” that I loved.
… (mere)
Smits | 5 andre anmeldelser | Oct 5, 2023 |
Overall, I found this book okay. It was entertaining and it resonated emotionally. It was laugh-out-loud funny at times. However, except for Emmaline, the characters were not nuanced and lacked depth.

I loved Emmaline! She was so well drawn as a character. She was a strong person, generous, understanding and forgiving. She was amazing in her ability to understand and help others. Maybe the author under-wrote the other characters so that Emmaline could shine, but I think she would have shone anyway. All three of my stars go to Emmaline!

This is a story about family, and the importance of passing our family history down to younger generations.
… (mere)
LynnB | 5 andre anmeldelser | Apr 23, 2023 |



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½ 3.7

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