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William Cowper is an English poet whose work heavily influenced the Romantic poets. He was born in Hertfordshire, England, November 15, 1731. His father was a clergyman. His mother claimed descent from the poet John Donne. After she died when he was only six, Cowper entered a boarding school and vis mere later attended Westminster School in London. Cowper later studied with a lawyer to satisfy his father. Cowper suffered from mental illness at various times throughout his life and spent time in an asylum. His first attack came after he was nominated for a clerkship in the House of Lords. The offer was withdrawn after Cowper attempted suicide. Cowper was convinced that his madness was retribution from an angry God against whom he had unforgivably sinned. Cowper experienced at least two more major attacks of madness, one of which frustrated his only plans to marry, leading Cowper to the conviction that he was eternally damned. He sought escape from such a depressing prospect in all kinds of innocent activities, including writing poetry. With John Newton, a curate who helped Cowper recover from his first attack, Cowper composed Olney Hymns. These included God Moves in a Mysterious Way and O For a Closer Walk With God. In 1782, The Poems of William Cowper were published. His greatest contribution is The Task. Cowper died April 25, 1800. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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The Poetical Works of William Cowper (1885) 239 eksemplarer
William Cowper's Olney Hymns (1819) 77 eksemplarer
Poems (2012) 31 eksemplarer
The Task and Other Poems (1994) 29 eksemplarer
The Task (1973) 24 eksemplarer
Selected Letters of William Cowper (1951) 22 eksemplarer
William Cowper (Everyman's Poetry) (1966) 20 eksemplarer
Selected Poems (1984) 17 eksemplarer
Selected Poems: William Cowper (2006) 12 eksemplarer
Letters of William Cowper (1907) 8 eksemplarer
Cowper: Poems (1931) 7 eksemplarer
The works of Cowper and Thomson (1852) 7 eksemplarer
Table talk, and other poems (1817) 6 eksemplarer
Selected Poems and Letters (1963) 4 eksemplarer
The Centenary Letters (2000) 4 eksemplarer
Cowper: Verse and Letters (1968) 4 eksemplarer
Life & Works. 7 vols. 3 eksemplarer
The Iliad of Homer 3 eksemplarer
Selected Poems of William Cowper (1951) 3 eksemplarer
Life and works of William Cowper (2009) 3 eksemplarer
Hymns (2012) 2 eksemplarer
A choice of Cowper's verse (1975) 2 eksemplarer
Poems of Cowper 2 eksemplarer
Cowper : Poetry and Prose (1968) 2 eksemplarer
COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS (1913) 1 eksemplar
Cowper Poetry 1 eksemplar
New poems, 1 eksemplar
Poems, 1782 (1973) 1 eksemplar
Poems - Cowper (1950) 1 eksemplar
Works 1 eksemplar

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GoshenMAHistory | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jul 10, 2022 |
I love Cowper's writing style, his use of words and the way he expresses his thoughts and feelings. This is a collection I will return to often.
ChelseaVK | 2 andre anmeldelser | Dec 10, 2021 |
The poems I really enjoyed and appreciated were the abolitionist and religious ones. The others were sort of bland and bled together for me.
ChelseaVK | Dec 10, 2021 |
Presumably this book of two poems by William Cowper is in our holdings because it's the classic example of illustrations by Randolph Caldecott, after whom the Caldecott Medal was named. The first poem in the book, "John Gilpin's Ride," is funny and delightful. The second poem, "Babes in the Wood," has perhaps the most horrible ending of any children's poem ever and I wish I had not read it, because now I am a sad parent. Caldecott's illustrations, sadly, make it harder to wipe from my memory.
KSchellVT | Sep 15, 2021 |



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