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Elvis Costello was born Declan Patrick MacManus on August 25, 1954 in London, England. He is a Grammy award-winning musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer. His career spans over 40 years from the 1970s to the present. His first recording was as a background singer for his father's vis mere television commercial. His first groups were Rusty, a folk duo, and Flip City. He changed his name to D. P. Costello and later his manager suggested the name Elvis Costello. Through the years he has had numerous hit songs, collaborated with famous musicians, and has worked in various musical genres. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. His book, Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink, was published in 2015. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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(eng) Elvis Costello has performed with many backing bands, which don't have any independent existance from the main artist: Those artist name are appropiately combined with the main author listing.
Where Costello has recorded with another indepependant artist (e.g., The Brodsky Quartet), both artists should be listed as individual authors, rather than as a single author.

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MacManus, Declan Patrick
Andre navne
Elvis Costello and the Attractions
Elvis Costello and the Imposters
Elvis Costello and the Roots
Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet
Elvis Costello and the Confederates
The Costello Show (vis alle 7)
Napoleon Dynamite
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England, UK
London, England, UK
London, England, UK
Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, UK
St. Edmund's Catholic Primary School, Whitton, England, UK
Archbishop Myers Secondary Modern School, Hounslow, England, UK
St Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool, England, UK
Record Producer
Krall, Diana (wife)
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Elvis Costello has performed with many backing bands, which don't have any independent existance from the main artist: Those artist name are appropiately combined with the main author listing.
Where Costello has recorded with another indepependant artist (e.g., The Brodsky Quartet), both artists should be listed as individual authors, rather than as a single author.



This is a very interesting book, and particularly in those chapters in which Elvis Costello discusses, at some length, his musical forebears, to wit , his father and grandfather, but also the gloriously catholic assortment of musicians with whom he has collaborated. I was especially interested to hear (which probably says something about the way my hamster wheel of a mind operates) that the reference to the Quisling Clinic in "Green Shirt" does indeed refer to the former medical offices in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, which he saw when he played Bunky's in 1976 and stayed at the Edgewater Hotel. As Mr. Costello points out, the name "Quisling" has a different connotation for a northern European of his age, that of Vikdun Quisling, the Norwegian Nazi collaborator; indeed, the word quisling , according to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition , now means "traitor" or "collaborator." I listened to the audiobook, read by Elvis Costello himself, who does a wonderful job of reciting his own engaging prose.… (mere)
Mark_Feltskog | 18 andre anmeldelser | Dec 23, 2023 |
I would have loved to have more about the early days and a little less about the later days.
squealermusic | 18 andre anmeldelser | Mar 16, 2023 |
I'm giving this book 5 stars because it is amazing in its breadth and is insightful AND funny, which is a great combo. I do think it is a little long and I was not happy with the non-chronological organization. But quite simply, Mr. Costello can write. Not that we didn't already know that of course. I found myself laughing out loud at parts of this memoir but also feeling very informed about Elvis' life. Really an enjoyable book. Being reminded of all his great music is another benefit. Now I may go listen to an album to two. If you like his music at all, read this book. Even if you don't, if you are into memoirs then I think you will like this.… (mere)
MarkMad | 18 andre anmeldelser | Jul 14, 2021 |



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