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Just Stay Put: A Chelm Story (1995) 43 eksemplarer
The Great Poochini (1999) 33 eksemplarer
Swimming, Swimming (2015) 9 eksemplarer
Oy Feh So? 1 eksemplar

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A Kids Guide to the Brain (1996) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver12 eksemplarer

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K Is In Trouble, Gary Clement
I know that this book is recommended for ages 7-12, but as an adult, I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It points out, subtly and with humor, the problems we all have communicating with each other, and it does it brilliantly. The book identifies and defines the problems we have in today’s fractured world. It deftly illustrates an important concept, the idea of getting back to talking and listening to each other in order to live together peacefully.
You see, K is always trying to do the right thing, but all of his attempts to follow the rules are rebuffed by everyone he approaches for help. The people who are supposed to help him, are guided by their own pre-supposed conclusions. Instead of guiding him, they falsely accuse him of wrongdoing, committing crimes, causing unnecessary problems that he had nothing to do with, and they escalate the situation. They place K in the crosshairs of their own frustration and inability to solve their own problems.
Everywhere he turns for help, K finds no one who will take the time to listen to him; he is always left to fend for himself without the necessary tools or maturity he requires. Often, when his weakness is apparent, there are those who take advantage of his vulnerability and make his situation worse. He is Job-like, and everything he tries to do, no matter how good he tries to be, seems to fail. Yet, he continues to persevere, in spite of those efforts to put up roadblocks that prevent him from accomplishing his goals.
The devious old man, the crow, the beetle, the carp, the principal, all teach him important life lessons. Occasionally, kindness will surprise him, but he must learn to solve his own problems. He discovers that often help comes from unexpected places. He discovers that, sometimes, those least likely to be his ally actually are his friends. In spite of their differences in size, character and species, their differences are immaterial.
K learns that even when mistakes are made, they can sometimes be corrected and even intentional wrongdoing can sometimes be forgiven. The principle of really listening to each other, regardless of who is “speaking”, of learning to understand how each other thinks, is reinforced. In fact, solutions and occasional kindness often came from unexpected places. So, what seems to be a simple little book, is far more profound if one reads between the lines. The impatience and short tempers that allow for knee-jerk, uninformed reactions, are behaviors taken from our real lives. How sad it is that few listen to, or actually hear, what K is saying, but instead, simply pursue their own agenda, resenting the disturbance K is causing to their lives. Rather than helping to improve the situation, by discovering what is actually upsetting K, they persist in remaining in their bubble of belief, refusing help and making every situation worse.
Yes, I really did get all that from this little book meant for middle-schoolers. I would recommend it, even for adults, and for graduating students. Like “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, by Dr. Seuss. It could help them to understand that the world they will soon be navigating will not be easy, but it will be worth it. Life is not meant to be a walk in the park, it is meant to be a learning experience, to help us grow so that it brings us knowledge, joy and contentment, but in that process, sometimes there will be pain, as well. Don’t close any doors that will enrich life, but be wary of those that might wish to cause harm or take advantage of a situation. There is good and evil in the world, but genuine effort, patience and compassion are virtues that will prove to be a winning strategy. Sometimes, however, you can’t win for losing, so you have to keep on trying! Never give up.
The book made me smile. Everyone will encounter obstacles that seem too difficult to navigate, all will be bullied and treated unfairly at times by ignorant people, but they will survive the challenges they face. I believe this little book has greater value than the reviews reveal. Perhaps the author did not know how much more dangerous and divided our world would be when he penned this little graphic novel, but in spite of that, or because of that, I believe it can possibly teach us how better to get along, and it can instill courage into the heart of any reader, young or old. It can offer hope that we can endure, because no problem is truly insurmountable.
… (mere)
thewanderingjew | Oct 18, 2023 |
The title says it all in this mostly wordless picture book.
Sullywriter | May 22, 2015 |


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