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Walter Van Tilburg Clark (1909–1971)

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Often mistaken as 'a western', Clark's 1940 masterpiece is far from it. Although loosely disguised as a a western, it is really an in-depth study of the dichotomy between justice and vengeance. It also takes a hard look at mob rule and why people are so reluctant to behave as individuals at a time where much of the world was in the thrall of charismatic tyrants.

Now that I've thoroughly bored you with my literary critique of this excellent book, forget everything I said and just read it. You will be entertained and will come away from it a better person. Sorry, no gunfighters, though.

My thanks to the folks at the Catching up on Classics group for giving me the opportunity to read and discuss this and many other fine books.
… (mere)
Unkletom | 37 andre anmeldelser | Dec 29, 2023 |
I found this book excruciatingly boring while I was reading it, but I have thought about it a lot in the last few months. I think that’s the mark of a work of some importance, though I still didn’t enjoy it much. It is not really a western even though it’s about a posse committing an extralegal killing. It is more of a philosophical novel about groupthink and ethics.
sansmerci | 37 andre anmeldelser | Oct 8, 2023 |
The Ox-Bow Incident takes place in 1885, and begins with two cowboys, Art Croft and Gil Carter, riding into the town of Bridger's Wells. They go into Canby's Saloon and find the atmosphere is tense, partly due to recent incidents of cattle rustling. News is brought that a local named Kinkaid has been murdered and a large number of cattle have been stolen from Drew, the largest cattle rancher in Bridger's Wells. The townspeople begin to form a posse. Local men Osgood and Davies send for Judge Tyler to try to defuse the situation, but the rancher Tetley arrives and incites them to further action. As the posse sets out, the judge warns that the men must be brought back alive to stand trial.

The posse finds cattle bearing Drew's brand and three men sleeping on the ground around a campfire: an old, raving man named Alva Hardwick; a Mexican named Juan Martinez, who claims to be unable to understand English; and the young Donald Martin. Tetley interrogates them. Martin says that he purchased the cattle and that Drew was to send the bill of sale at a later date. No one believes him, and the mob decides the men should be hung.
… (mere)
CalleFriden | 37 andre anmeldelser | Mar 23, 2023 |
If saying the same thing over and over and stacking up a series of co-incidences that keep a group of men determined to see others hanged over a 16hr+ span, then this is a profound examination of man's guilt for being pigheaded wrong. Cutting out all the inner dialog and going by the arresting imagery, yes this is the basis of a great movie.
quondame | 37 andre anmeldelser | Feb 28, 2023 |



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