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Texas, USA
Houston, Texas, USA



Hope City. Antarctica. Once an amusement park to attract passing ocean liners, now just a community at the bottom of the world. Organized crime, politicos, business owners and ordinary families just trying to live their lives. But Hope City has a problem. The dome isn't staying as warm as it usually does. Sometimes the lights flicker and sometimes the power goes out entirely. The Andys don't always follow their programming.
So what's going on in the city? Marianella Amitrano, an aristocrat, is desperately trying to keep a secret. She hires PI Eliana Gomez to retrieve some stolen documents, but Eliana finds much more. With her discoveries a vicious power struggle blazes out in the open and the city begins to unravel.

I so enjoyed the beginning of this novel. What I liked is that there wasn’t much world building. In many ways it's a classic detective story, a PI walks into her office, now she's got a case and she's digging in the underbelly of the city. That was fine. But then it changed. Suddenly the story was about politics and personhood and agency. And that wasn't really the story I signed on for. I know, sci-fi is rife with the exploration of personhood and politics, I get it. But I started the story with a PI and halfway through, she became superfluous. So, a mixed experience.
… (mere)
VictoriaPL | 12 andre anmeldelser | Dec 25, 2023 |
With fresh, young space explorers, this is an exciting adventure just right for young science fiction fans.

After escaping their prison and joining together in a small space craft on a very long journey back to Earth, the young crew is faced with a malfunction, which will make their trip go from another month to many years. Plus, they are already cranky from cramming together in the tight space for so long. To repair the ship, they'll need to stop on a planet, and while it first appears that this will be an impossibility, a strange moon suddenly appears where one shouldn't be. Not sure it's safe but having no choice, the crew lands, and what will soon promise to be a blessing is also a nightmare.

I recommend reading this one as a series. While each book holds a specific, wrapped-up adventure, it was a little difficult to settle in with the characters without having experienced their journey up to that point.

After stumbling a bit in the first chapter (which was my own fault for hitting this book without reading the other two first), this read takes off into an exciting ride. I was afraid it might force itself into the Star Trek universe, but while there are a few loose nods, these characters and the plot take their own direction. Each member of the crew has unique characteristics, talents, and personality (each being a different species), and they're still figuring out how to fit together as friends and a crew. Even though these are aliens, their actions, thoughts, and concerns are very fitting to the readers' age group. It's easy to connect with them, and readers will be able to picture themselves tackling the dangers of space right along with them.

The author has done a wonderful job at building the world and characters. There are just enough details to make the scenes come to life, while still leaving others to the readers' imaginations. It creates a fun balance, which also doesn't bog down with unnecessary descriptions. The exotic world, of course, holds a tense adventure, which draws in and doesn't let go until the end, since it's not clear how the crew will escape the problems they run into. And while this is moving along, the author slyly weaves in slight messages concerning pollution, friendship, trust and more. But these never steer the plot.

What I appreciated most was the pure, space fun. This lets the explorer spirit free and allows the excitement of discovering exciting, unexpected places and adventures to take simply take control. It's the kind of read, which invites to building a space craft and heading out to see what the universe holds. I received an ARC and was surprised by the excitement of this adventure.
… (mere)
tdrecker | Aug 3, 2023 |
I wish the target audience was a little older. But a good, quick story utilizing the best of new trek.
Archaeopterryx | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jul 15, 2023 |
well written, romantic and beautiful...
kwskultety | 40 andre anmeldelser | Jul 4, 2023 |



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