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Tower of Treasure (2010) 153 eksemplarer
Two Generals (2010) 119 eksemplarer
The Sign of the Black Rock (2011) 89 eksemplarer
The Captive Prince (2012) 66 eksemplarer
Pirates of the Silver Coast (2014) 52 eksemplarer
The King's Dragon (2014) 50 eksemplarer
Squire & Knight (2023) — Forfatter; Illustrator — 49 eksemplarer
The Dark Island (2016) 32 eksemplarer
Scandalous (2004) — Illustrator — 32 eksemplarer
The Iron Hand (2016) 31 eksemplarer
Bix (2020) 19 eksemplarer
Northwest Passage Volume 3 (2006) 9 eksemplarer
All Stars 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

The Best American Comics 2012 (2012) — Bidragyder — 114 eksemplarer
Gothic Tales of Haunted Love (2018) — Bidragyder — 24 eksemplarer
Bettie Page (2017) #1 (2017) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver8 eksemplarer

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graphic story inspired by the life of a talented jazz musician driven to alcoholism in the 1920s. Lots of character layers, and cool visual storytelling that effectively captures subtle nuances without words (with one conversational stretch and some brief toplessness) - a few things are left up to the reader to fill in the blanks, but overall an interesting study/notable accomplishment.
reader1009 | 3 andre anmeldelser | Apr 16, 2024 |
Gr 3–5—When a bold-but-brainless knight and a slight-but-smart squire arrive in Bridgetown, they find it’s missing its
bridge. While the knight rushes off to find and fight a dragon, the squire (the true hero) pursues the problem from
another direction. Chantler’s palette of Halloween neutrals sets the perfect mood for this clever story in which
moments of tension and danger are balanced by humor.
BackstoryBooks | 3 andre anmeldelser | Apr 1, 2024 |
After breaking into the Queen's treasury and escaping, Dessa, Topper and Fisk are on the run from her guard and in search of the mysterious Greyfalcon. Of course, they happen to take refuge from a storm at the same inn as the men they're running from.

A greedy innkeeper, his silent wife, and dangerous smugglers round out the cast of this quick adventure that only advances the story one day. Though I find these short episodes kind of frustrating, that really only means I'm so into this story that I'm anxious to find the answers to my questions. What happened to Dessa's brother? What is Greyfalcon hiding? Isn't ol' one-eye really a good guy under his tough exterior?

According to Scott Chantler's blog, the third installment is coming out this fall and will be titled THE CAPTIVE PRINCE. You can see excerpts here: http://www.scottchantler.com/2012/03/captive-prince-finished.html

Also, if you haven't read this series, you can now begin to read it online for free! Here's the link: http://www.three-thieves.net/2012/05/tower-of-treasure-page-1.html

… (mere)
LibrarianDest | 8 andre anmeldelser | Jan 3, 2024 |
This is a really promising beginning to what I hope will be a long series. Things I love about this book:

1. One of the characters is a "one-headed ettin." What is an ettin? I don't even know, but apparently they usually have more than one head.

2. The action sequences are very well drawn and compelling. You know, as someone who never read a lot of comic books growing up, I often scan the wordless panels too fast, but this one really drew me in through the wordless action stuff.

3. A kind of wry humor permeates without ever being cheesy or too adult.

I have high hopes that will be at least as popular as [b:Bone|3128411|Bone Crossed (Mercedes Thompson, #4)|Patricia Briggs|http://photo.goodreads.com/books/1305738183s/3128411.jpg|3159812]. My only gripe is this first installation only gives a taste of the story; it feels more like a fist chapter than a first book. But I think that's the traditional way of comic books, right?
… (mere)
LibrarianDest | 10 andre anmeldelser | Jan 3, 2024 |



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