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(eng) Also writes as Ella March Chase.

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Kanonisk navn
Cates, Kimberly
Juridisk navn
Bush, Kim Ostrom
Andre navne
Bush, Kim
Cates, Kim
Chase, Ella March
Caitlin, Kimberleigh
Illinois, USA
Moline, Illinois, USA
elementary school teacher
The Writers Studio @ Midwest Writing Center (Quad-cities, Iowa-Illinois), member
Quad Cities Romance Writers of America
Priser og hædersbevisninger
RT Career Acheivement Award
Andrea Cirillo (Jane Rostrosen Agency)
Kort biografi
The copyrights of her work seem to be held in the Kim Ostrom Bush name. Thus, this is probably her real name.
Oplysning om flertydighed
Also writes as Ella March Chase.



Harsh memories and even harsher decisions!

A younger son returned from army life. A woman who’d been his friend and companion as a child. As a girl she’d survived a dreadful storm and lightening strikes, but remembers little of it.
Harsh memories of the past; a lordly father, Earl of Ravencroft, brutal and violent, a disappeared mother, two sisters sent to Italy, all take their toll.
Now there’s a smarmy overseer, Mr. Inchwick filling his own pockets from various avenues of the Earl’s, including substandard building materials.
1843 and Captain Simon Harcourt returns from the far flung British empire. Afghanistan this time with a magnificent horse, a Turkoman stallion, he intends to breed.
His father will build him stables at Everdene Hall, a place he’d stormed out of and vowed never to return. The horses and a vow to his dead comrade in arms, Jamie the fiery Scotsman, is what’s brought him back. The price however might be too dear, to clear the village out and relocate the tenants so his father can have an unimpeded view of the valley. (From a Hall his father would never inhabit. It’s only a carriage accident nearby that has him ensconced here at the moment)
But what if something different can happen? Here’s where his childhood accomplice, Penelope Waverly, daughter of an architect comes in. She’s indomitable! I applauded her rescue of the chimney sweep. I loved the story of Penelope building a tree house at a young age. Then there’s her ideas for relocating the village, a winner.
Slightly long winded but an enjoyable read!

An Xpresso Books ARC via NetGalley.
Many thanks to the author and publisher.
… (mere)
eyes.2c | Jan 26, 2023 |
Although Nell’s mother was once at court, she has kept Nell from going. But when Nell meets Queen Elizabeth, she is intrigued and vows to go when she’s old enough. And she does. But after she is there, things become dangerous.

Ok, not a great summary. I listened to the audio and did lose interest a number of times. Unfortunately, for some reason, although historical fiction used to be one of my favourite genres, it doesn’t always grab me like it used to. Also, Elizabeth has never been my favourite historical person to read about. I’m not sure what it is (or isn’t) about her, but books abour her don’t usually catch my interest for long. I’m rating it 3 stars (ok), but I feel a bit like I’m rating it higher than I should.… (mere)
LibraryCin | 12 andre anmeldelser | Jul 30, 2022 |
Wasn't super in love with this one. Great premise and promise--I love historical fiction and I read so much about the Tudors that I was looking forward to something else. The perspective of a court fool was also intriguing, and didn't disappoint--it was delightful to see royalty from a distance.

Unfortunately, I just didn't connect to the story at all. I didn't understand why Jeffrey was in love with the queen at all. There didn't seem to be any reason, especially when she considered him a pet. He seemed cynical enough not to fall for her.

I also didn't have a very good visual sense of this story. I'm not as familiar with this time period as I am with Tudor England, and there weren't many details to help me find my way. Perhaps that's one way that history from a royal perspective helps: we get descriptions of fashions and decorations that the typical person just wouldn't have the ability to bother with.

I would definitely say that this is worth a read for those who like Tudor history and are looking to expand down the line of succession, as well as for those who like to read about history from less privileged perspectives. Jeffrey is an overall likeable character, and the parts where we watch him navigate his world--both in terms of his size and in terms of the contemporary superstition he faced--were the most interesting. I would have loved a book that focused even more on Jeffrey and the people of the menagerie. I would have loved to hear more about him learning how to be a court fool, making jokes that don't work until he figured out what does, practicing (and secretly critiquing) he masques he was called upon to participate in.

My biggest beef with the book, though, was the massive departure from history into pure fantasy at the end of the book. I'll grant a midnight ride the benefit of suspension of disbelief. That Jeffrey could thwart an assassination attempt but the whole thing could be swept under the rug of history because the king commands so is simply laughable. There's no way to stop a story like that from spreading, not in that kind of hostile environment and with so many courtiers around. I understand the need to get Jeffrey back in the queen's good graces, but did it have to be something so obviously contrived? The whole book is about how secrets can't be kept!

My reviews are devolving...
… (mere)
books-n-pickles | 3 andre anmeldelser | Oct 29, 2021 |
Perfect book for a perfect moment.
In it's genre, it's rather good. Hell, it was good as any genre. Well-written, entertaining, captivating and relatable characters that weren't just silly, stupid or both.
(Granted, Gavin riding into the lion's den to save Adam was foolish from the get-go, obviously, but it turned out to be a necessary part to the story...)
HeyMimi | Jan 1, 2021 |


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