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Justin Cartwright was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1945. He graduated from Trinity College, Oxford. Before becoming an author, he worked in advertising and in film and documentary directing. He wrote 13 novels including Interior, Look at It This Way, White Lightning, Half in Love, The Promise vis mere of Happiness, The Song Before It Is Sung, To Heaven by Water, Other People's Money, Lion Heart, and Up Against the Night. In Every Face I Meet won a Commonwealth Writers Prize and Leading the Cheers won the Whitbread Novel Award. He also wrote three non-fiction books entitled Not Yet Home, This Secret Garden, and Oxford Revisited. He died on December 3, 2018 at the age of 73. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

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The Promise of Happiness (2004) 469 eksemplarer
The Song Before It is Sung (2007) 259 eksemplarer
Other People's Money (2011) 225 eksemplarer
Leading the Cheers (1998) 105 eksemplarer
To Heaven By Water (2009) 92 eksemplarer
Lion Heart (1600) 83 eksemplarer
White Lightning (2002) 71 eksemplarer
In Every Face I Meet (1995) 68 eksemplarer
Half in Love (2001) 64 eksemplarer
Look At It This Way (1990) 49 eksemplarer
Masai Dreaming (1993) 40 eksemplarer
Up Against the Night (1800) 39 eksemplarer
Oxford Revisited: A City Revisited (2009) 34 eksemplarer
Interior (1861) 30 eksemplarer
Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls (2005) — Instruktør — 23 eksemplarer
Fighting Men (1977) 14 eksemplarer
Horse of Darius (1980) 7 eksemplarer
Freedom for the Wolves (1983) 5 eksemplarer
Not Yet Home (1996) 3 eksemplarer
Deep Six (1972) 1 eksemplar
Kontrakt med döden (1979) 1 eksemplar
Half in Love 1 eksemplar

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Slightly Foxed 47: Curioser and Curioser (2015) — Bidragyder — 14 eksemplarer

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Tim Curtiz, un escritor americano voluntariamente exiliado en Londres, vive de las crónicas sobre la ciudad que escribe para una elegante revista neoyorquina. Deambulando en busca de color local y anécdotas pintorescas, Tim descubre -y nos descubre- dos Londres muy distintos y extrañamente conectados entre sí: Uno, dickensiano, tenebroso, habitado por viejos cantantes de music-hall, por supervivientes de cacerías de leones en los últimos tiempos del imperio que ahora vegetan en sórdidas viviendas del ayuntamiento, y siniestras mafias que organizan combates clandestinos de boxeo thai.

El otro es el relumbrante Londres de Mrs. Thatcher, con sus Docklands monumentales -en los que empiezan a aparecer las primeras grietas- y sus corredores de bolsa rápidamente enriquecidos -pero a quienes los avatares del libre mercado y un hado irónico pueden catapultar en un instante al submundo dickensiano, en el que jamás imaginaron que podrían caer.

Y Tim Curtiz, un observador nada ajeno al mundo que mira, es el hilo conductor que enlaza las vidas de los jóvenes leones thatcherianos -Miles, el genio de la City; Victoria, creativa de una agencia de publicidad, que ya ha dejado setenta y seis amantes a sus espaldas (una lista nada importante comparada con la de sus amigas) y sufre la crisis de la mediana edad a los veintinueve años-, y los habitantes del otro Londres, el que no disfrutó de «la fisión nuclear de la riqueza» -Bernie, el último cockney auténtico, y William «Simba» Cochrane, que en los años treinta matara a un león con una navaja en un combate cuerpo a cuerpo.

«¡Por fin, una novela divertida, absorbente y absolutamente cáustica sobre la vida contemporánea!... La novela satírica más divertida y aguda acerca de Inglaterra que he leído en muchos años» (Robert Carver, The Observer).

«Una novela escrita con notable vigor, absolutamente actual» (Malcolm Bradbury).

«Londres es para Míralo así lo que fue Nueva York para La hoguera de las vanidades... Una novela trepidante, pero en la que cada detalle ha sido meticulosamente observado, como si Cartwright hubiera inventado una nueva manera de mirar. Puro placer» (Penny Perrick, The Sunday Times).

«Cartwright explora todos los aspectos del moderno Londres: sus habitantes, sus preocupaciones, su riqueza y su pobreza, con una inteligencia y un humor que rara vez encontramos en los novelistas contemporáneos» (Time Out).
… (mere)
libreriarofer | May 24, 2024 |
An easy read although I felt constantly irritated by the characters. I just wasn't able to engage with them so they felt rather under developed and pathetic much of the time, which was disappointing.

Juliet is her father's favourite and seems to be the centre of the family. She is released from an American prison after serving two years for art theft and the book is about the affect of her release on the various members of her family.
Matacabras | 10 andre anmeldelser | Jan 24, 2021 |
Delving into the life — both past and present — of Frank McAllister, a wealthy man with a broken family and violent heritage, Up Against the Night takes readers on a journey of healing and change as a family rebuilds itself and comes to terms with its past. Based mostly in the protagonist’s beloved homeland of South Africa, readers get a uniquely deep view of modern day living as well as glimpses of its volatility.

Reviewed for TripFiction, see full review here - rel="nofollow" target="_top">http://bit.ly/1QDH1Sh.… (mere)
StephMWard | 1 anden anmeldelse | Nov 4, 2020 |
Who knew high finance could be this funny? This book has been the best company these last couple of weeks, like carrying a witty friend around with me in my handbag. I have enjoyed all the novels I have read previously by Mr Cartwright but this is my favourite to date, full of astute observations, impressively drawn characters and humour which is often all the funnier for its deadpan delivery.

On one end of the plot is a private bank in danger of going under if the family who own it don’t sneak in some major funds while the FSA are looking the other way. On the other end is a small Cornish fishing town where Artair MacCleod, a self-important playwright, is subsisting on pies after his stipend is cut off (ouch). This is the unlikely catalyst that sets the local paper on the trail of the London fat cats with a story that could send the whole house of cards tumbling down. It’s a story of big economics and small individual lives and the author balances them beautifully.

There were bits that seemed as though the author, having created his characters, had decided to have a bit of fun with them and see what happened. In particular, the bit where society wives Kim and Fleur go out to organise a vegetable planting activity for unemployed youths and end up doing most of the work themselves while the youths smoke in the van. The plot would have stood without scenes like these, but I am so glad they were there. They added depth and pathos and balanced the economic stuff beautifully.
… (mere)
jayne_charles | 20 andre anmeldelser | Feb 23, 2019 |



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