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Designs and Ideas for the 60-70s. Great explaination of tools, wood types etc. This book illustrates projects from a Tool or Construction Technigues standpoint. It lets one see how learning additional uses for a tool, or techique will help them in producing more projects. The reverse of what most woodworking books do. I find this fastinating, as I love collecting tools from estate sales etc., and often time there are tools, I have no idea what they are good for! But its a wonderful deal, so I buy it and hang in my workshop. So just learning to use a tool or technique in different ways, helps expand the usefulness of it. For example in Chapter 23 on uses of Drill Presses, I found how to drill exact angles by a tilt vice or building a simple angle device that holds your piece while drilling. pg 285. I reccomend this book for those that are beginning working with tools, and those that love collecting them.
JohnSherman | Jun 14, 2009 |