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Morley Callaghan 1903-1990 Morley Callaghan was born on February 22, 1903 in Toronto, Canada. A master of the short story and author of several excellent novels, Callaghan has long been a writer of international reputation. He educated at St. Michael's College, University of Toronto, and Osgoode vis mere Hall Law school. Working as a reporter for the Toronto Daily Star, he met Ernest Hemingway who was also working with the newspaper. In 1929, the same year as his first volume of short stories, Native Argosy, was published, Callaghan traveled to Paris, where he became reacquainted with Hemingway and met James Joyce and F. Scott Fitzgerald. That Summer in Paris (1963) contains Callaghan's memoirs of his experiences with these famous expatriates. Morley Callaghan is renowned for the clarity and economy of his prose. While Callaghan's work appears forthright and uncomplicated, each of the novels focuses on a character who faces a crisis. How this turning point is handled determines the direction the character's life will take. Callaghan, who was a devout Catholic, saw himself as a moralist as well as one who gave "shape and form to human experience." Callaghan was awarded the Royal Society of Canada's Lorne Pierce Medal in 1960. In 1982 he was made a Companion of the Order of Canada. Callaghan's works include The Loved and the Lost (which won the Governor General's Award in 1951), The Many Colored robe, A Time for Judas, Our Lady of the Snows, and A Wild Old man Down the Road. He died at the age of 87 and was interred at Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery in Ontario. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

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Kanonisk navn
Callaghan, Morley
Juridisk navn
Callaghan, Edward Morley
Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Riverdale Collegiate Institute
University of Toronto
Osgoode Hall Law School
Reporter, Toronto Daily Star
short-story writer
Callaghan, Barry (son)
Priser og hædersbevisninger
Lorne Pierce Medal (1960)
Companion of the Order of Canada (1982)
Molson Prize (1969)
Kort biografi
Edward Morley Callaghan, CC, O.Ont, FRSC (February 22, 1903 – August 25, 1990) was a Canadian novelist, short story writer, playwright, TV and radio personality.

Callaghan was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He was educated at Riverdale Collegiate Institute, the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall Law School. He never practiced law, however. During the 1920s he worked at the Toronto Daily Star where he became friends with fellow reporter, Ernest Hemingway formerly of The Kansas City Star. Callaghan began writing stories that were well received and soon was recognized as one of the best short story writers of the day. He then spent some months in Paris, France, where he was part of the great gathering of writers in Montparnasse such as Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce and others. Callaghan married Loretto Dee, with whom he had two sons: Michael (born November 1931) and Barry (born 1937), poet and author. Barry Callaghan's memoir Barrelhouse Kings (1998), examines his career and that of his father. After outliving most of his contemporaries Callaghan died after a brief illness in Toronto. He was 87 and is interred in Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery in Ontario



Was Canada a cultural desert for 20th century writers before Leonard Cohen burst on the scene with an album of songs (The Songs of Leonard Cohen) or was it more to the point that if writers chose to stay in Canada they would never get a foot on the world stage. Morley Callaghan was part of the group of writers centred around Paris in 1929 which included Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, F Scott Fitzgerald and James Joyce, unfortunately for him (as far as international fame is concerned) he chose to return to Canada. Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Stein, Joyce, Pound and er.... um Morley Callaghan? His novels were published by Scribners and he regularly had stories published in the New Yorker, but none of his novels were published in the United Kingdom. When I read the wikipedia article it would seem he was more famous for an alleged boxing match with Ernest Hemingway than any book he wrote. So then what of The Loved and the Lost his novel published in 1951 and now available on kindle.

Jim McAlpine is a college professor who leaves his post to seek his fortune and widen his horizons in a new city. He has the chance to get a regular column in a prestigious newspaper and also to romance the wealthy owners daughter. He is a man with liberal some might say progressive views but he must overcome the suspicions of the editor in chief to get employment. He charms both the owner Mr Carver and his daughter Catherine and is made to believe his appointment is only a matter of a delay of a week or two. Meanwhile he is introduced to Peggy Sanderson a sort of femme fatale, with whom he quickly falls in love. Peggy is trying to make ends meet in the city, but is not helped by her associations with some black musicians who play jazz in a dive in the black district across the tracks. Jim starts to follow her around and into the cafe where the musicians play. He must balance his chance of employment with his growing obsession for Peggy whose reputation is becoming increasingly disreputable with the English and French white communities.

The city is obviously Montreal although it is not named and it is winter time and a bitterly cold period. The snow fall seems to mirror Jim's struggle as he moves through the city with some difficulty. He shivers in pursuit of Peggy who leads him around her regular haunts, while he seeks shelter in bars and eating houses. At times he becomes lost not able to find places in which he feels secure and although he is a confident man, he is cast into a world where he starts to feel out of his depth. Morley Callaghan paints a vivid portrait of the city and keys into the events and lives of the people surrounding Jim. It is a psychological approach and although detached; in as much as there is no moral tone the author lays bare the thoughts and feelings of Jim, however hazy they might be. Peggy of course remains an enigma, but a back story of her childhood (which she tells to Jim) of her joyous relationship with a large black family when she was a child uncovers her motives to become accepted by the black community. It is a snapshot of the lives of the communities in the city told through the experiences of a select group of people. The author refuses to make any moral judgements and although a major theme of the book is black and white relationships and those between the rich and not so rich, Morley Callaghan refrains from making or leading to any judgements. It is up to the reader to find his own way. The book has an overtone of tragedy almost from the start, but this is not overplayed and the excellent pacing moves through the gears to its unsurprising conclusion. It is a dose of sharply observed reality with suspense and anticipation building through its wintry urban landscapes.

Morley Callaghan was a journalist and his sharp observations reflect this background, but there is no clipped journalistic style in his beautifully turned prose. His psychological interest do not at any stage hint at a crusade. He tells the story of the relationships between the communities with sympathy for the economic deprivation of the black people, but any stance on racism is not evident from this novel, however It was written in 1951 and so black people are referred to as negroes or mulattos and by more colloquial terms by some of the white characters. Morley Callaghan from the evidence of this novel is a major discovery for me and I look forward to reading more by him. Evidently he was an excellent writer of short stories. 4.5 stars.
… (mere)
2 stem
baswood | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jun 15, 2020 |
I've seen this here and there on lists of Canadian Literature one should read, so I tracked it down, and it's been on the TBR shelf a while. It's fiction, but based on a true crime event that took place in the 1930's.
Bank robber Kip Caley while serving time in prison apparently undergoes a sincere reformation and with the help of a priest and a senator is released early on parole. He is given a job as a sort of greeter/mingler at a hotel-club, where people are drawn to meet him because of his celebrity. He wants to do more, and dreams of being a sort of liasson between criminals and the establishment, perhaps even serving on the parole board. His dreams are shattered, though, and soon criminal elements are overpowering his better instincts.
The book is well-written, in a very terse style, without an extra word, which makes it very powerful indeed. It is also very, very dated, and very much of its time in the characters it portrays, their dialogue, and the way it is written. I was therefore never fully engulfed in the world Callaghan was creating.

2 1/2 stars
… (mere)
arubabookwoman | 4 andre anmeldelser | Feb 16, 2020 |
mahallett | Dec 8, 2019 |
Interesting....I enjoyed the author's style, but his ego was certainly in his way in his little times. The insights on Scott, Ford, and Hemingway were good.
untraveller | 10 andre anmeldelser | Aug 13, 2018 |



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