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Taylor Caldwell was born in Manchester, England in 1900. Her family emigrated to the United States in 1907. She attended the University of Buffalo. Caldwell began writing stories at age eight. She wrote several best-selling novels including Dynasty of Death, The Strong City, The Sound of Thunder, vis mere Bright Flows the River and Answer As a Man. She wrote historical fiction and some of her titles contained religious themes. She also wrote under the pen name Max Reiner. Her memoir, Growing Up Tough, was published in 1971. Her titles won her numerous awards including the National League of American Pen Woman Gold Medal, Buffalo Evening News Award, Grand Prix Chatvain and two International Awards for Book of the Year. She died in Greenwich, Connecticut on September 2, 1985. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre


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Dear and Glorious Physician (1958) 1,022 eksemplarer
Great Lion of God (1970) 577 eksemplarer
Testimony of Two Men (1968) 413 eksemplarer
A Pillar of Iron (1965) 398 eksemplarer
I, Judas (1977) 278 eksemplarer
Answer as a Man (1980) 276 eksemplarer
This Side of Innocence (1946) 268 eksemplarer
Glory and the Lightning (1974) 240 eksemplarer
Ceremony of the Innocent (1976) 233 eksemplarer
Bright Flows the River (1978) 212 eksemplarer
The Listener (1960) 179 eksemplarer
A Prologue to Love (1961) 169 eksemplarer
Grandmother and the Priests (1963) 158 eksemplarer
Dynasty of Death (1938) 148 eksemplarer
The Earth is the Lord's (1940) 135 eksemplarer
Dialogues with the Devil (1967) 134 eksemplarer
Tender Victory (1956) 130 eksemplarer
The Devil's Advocate (1952) 123 eksemplarer
The Romance of Atlantis (1975) 121 eksemplarer
Melissa (1948) 112 eksemplarer
Lad kærligheden vente (1949) 103 eksemplarer
The Arm and the Darkness (1943) 94 eksemplarer
No One Hears but Him (1966) 79 eksemplarer
The Sound of Thunder (1957) 74 eksemplarer
The Eagles Gather (1940) 68 eksemplarer
The Beautiful Is Vanished (1951) 66 eksemplarer
Never Victorious, Never Defeated (1954) 65 eksemplarer
The Late Clara Beame (1963) 62 eksemplarer
The Strong City (1944) 57 eksemplarer
The Final Hour (1944) 56 eksemplarer
On Growing Up Tough (1971) 52 eksemplarer
Wicked Angel (1965) 52 eksemplarer
The Wide House (1945) 50 eksemplarer
The Turnbulls (1943) 45 eksemplarer
To Look and Pass (1973) 42 eksemplarer
Time No Longer (1941) 39 eksemplarer
Maggie—Her Marriage (1953) 39 eksemplarer
There Was a Time (1947) 36 eksemplarer
Your Sins and Mine (1955) 29 eksemplarer
[no title] 2 eksemplarer
Unto All Men (2012) 2 eksemplarer
Dynasty of Death, Part 1 of 2 (1938) 1 eksemplar
Dynasty of Death, Part 2 of 2 (1938) 1 eksemplar
Dynasty of Death, Part 4 of 4 (1938) 1 eksemplar
The Balance Wheel, Part 2 of 2 (1951) 1 eksemplar
Dynasty of Death, Part 2 of 4 (1938) 1 eksemplar
Dynasty of Death, Part 3 of 4 (1938) 1 eksemplar

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Third book I read in a row on a conflict between Heaven and Hell. Unlike the previous books goal here is not to show how fallout happened but how the fight proceeds between Heaven and Hell after the Fall.

Big L is not shown as a rebel who was misunderstood but as an activist who dedicates his full attention to destruction of man, being he sees as a creation that desecrates his very view of Heaven. What happens is that L starts sending mail to Big G and this soon gets relegated to M from Heaven's end. What starts as a correspondence between two brothers soon escalates into discussions about humankind, their role in the worlds, how easily they get manipulated and ultimately drawn onto the path of destruction.

This is not so much story about Heaven and Hell (although philosophical questions about origins of Evil and conflict with Good are present) but story of Humankind.

Author's thoughts would surely trigger today's PC public, especially adherents to the progressive movement in politics. When you think about it isn't it interesting that today, when we all talk about equality and rights and all those picky elements of modern social progressiveness, people are living in more divisive society than ever, individuals and groups get ostracized within hours if they are against the public opinion, latest development is that their financials (literary means of living) get frozen because of it.

It is as if majority feel need for something, for belonging to something greater, majority feels their lives have lost all meaning (as I said just look at destructive behavior of last few years that indicate complete loss of goals in life except destruction and accepting whatever is currently fashionable and just itching to push around people questioning the majority). Earlier all of these people would flock to religion, but today religion is a big no-no and as a consequence secular institutions and people are watched through the prism of religious zealotry.

Part of the book about Lencia had a greatest impact on me - planet that was destroyed through people being led and finally mentally destroyed through coerced and then voluntary isolation [because of need for absolute security] culminating for all means and purposes in total imprisonment of masses while elites live life of leisure. This rang so close to heart because of last few years.....chilling.

Interesting book. Whether reader rejects the book in its entirety or identifies with parts of the book you will definitely have to say something about it.

Highly recommended.
… (mere)
Zare | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jan 23, 2024 |
I found this book at the "Friends of the Library" book sale. "Answer As A Man", is the first book by Taylor Caldwell that I have read. The storyline follows the life of Jason Garrity, his family, business partners, and acquaintances. The timeline is the first decade of the twentieth century in the United States. Overall, the novel was pretty good. I enjoyed the history that was interwoven into this fictional novel. The Irish characters and plot were strong and believable. The plot had a lot of twists and turns (some predictable, some not) that kept the novel interesting. The reason for the 4-star versus 5-star rating, is the fact that I felt the novel dragged on at times.… (mere)
AndreaHelena | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jan 15, 2024 |
"Ceremony of the Innocent" presents a multifaceted plot. First and foremost it is a historical romance. it appears to be a fairy tale come true of a poor house servant marrying into wealth and position. However, appearances are often deceiving. The ultimate question is, what happens when an innocent young woman loves unconditionally and blindly trusts everyone simply because she can’t comprehend the selfish, greedy nature of human beings and has no concept of evil?

The opening scene is in the midst of a church service as the Pastor preaches about “Love and Trust”. Certainly love and trust are desired in life, and a beautiful sentiment… if the recipients are worthy. However, Taylor Caldwell illustrates the tragic consequences of offering undeserved love and blind faith.

Layers of depth in the plot occur as Taylor Caldwell uses Ellen Watson Porter’s innocence and blind faith as an allegory for how the vast population of the United States in their naivety allowed their beloved country to tumble to the depths of despair. “There were times when Jeremy felt that his wife, Ellen, exemplified America herself, guileless, naive, and unwilling to believe in evil and plotters, unwilling to believe that man is imperfect, destructive, and malicious.”

Covering the years from 1900 to 1930, Ellen’s demise occurs in conjunction with the demise of America. As most Americans were loving patriots and trusting in the government leaders they elected, the elite powerful international bankers and financiers plotted evil to bring public disorder, chaos, revolutions, war, massacres, hatred and destruction. Their ultimate goal was to take control of a global government and subjugate humanity, thus intentionally orchestrating world events that resulted in World War I and the Depression. Love and trust, indeed!

Although the plot is ominous and extremely depressing Ceremony of the Innocent is a 5 Star book. Extensive research was required to present all the historical facts and create a realistic picture of life during those years. In addition, Caldwell imposes thoughts derived from Bible quotes (both Old and New Testaments), and various acclaimed philosophers and poets. She has enormous insight and intuition about human behavior. The characters come to life, and poor, poor Ellen - oh how she suffers. If the evil characteristics of cast members seems overly exaggerated perhaps that was intentional - intended to emphasize the negative side of indiscriminate “love and trust”.

In many ways the novel reminds me of Tolstoy’s "Anna Karenina". Ellen and Anna were from different continents, had totally different lives, and vastly different personalities - but both followed the same demise as the downward spiral of their respective countries.

Rated 5 Stars 2023
… (mere)
LadyLo | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jan 5, 2024 |
"Great Lion of God" is a historical novel about the life of Saul ben Hillel of Tarsus, better known to most people as Paul the Apostle or Saint Paul. Using a vast amount of sources including the Holy Bible, history books, works of the Catholic Encyclopedia, St, Paul’s Gospel, writings by Plato and Aristotle, and information attained at the Vatican Libraries and Museums of Athens and Israel, Taylor Caldwell pieces together the life story of Paul from his teenage years to his final journey back to Rome where he was executed around the time of 64 to 68 AD.

Authors that have the ability to write Biblical historical novels with absolute authenticity and evoke powerful emotions from the reader are few and far between. Taylor Caldwell was truly a gifted writer. She is brilliant at recreating the cultural environment, political atmosphere, emotional scenes, and likely dialogue of all characters.

It is fascinating to read an explanation of how Christianity evolved, starting with Jewish people accepting Jesus as the Christ, and at the onset this new phenomena was considered to be just another sect of Judaism - all praying together at the Jewish Temple. It wasn’t until Gentiles started to accept Christ and partake in the ritual of Baptism that Christian Churches were built. And all the while Rome was seething because this new religion was causing disruptions in Jerusalem’s society (which was under Roman control). The Romans did not want to hear about this new “King of the Jews”. That was treason. Caesar was the one and only King.

I’d like to share an interesting quote by Titus Milo, A Roman Statesman, about the condition of Rome around the year 25 AD, “Each day that passes sees more onerous taxes inflicted on the industrious and reverent and productive men, for the enhancement of a lavish court, subsidies for farmers, the looting of politicians, the free housing built for the idle, slothful, stupid and degenerate mobs, the free entertainment provided for those self-same mobs, the erection of grand government buildings to shelter the ever-growing and lustful armies of the bureaucrats and other petty officials, the granaries which dispense free food to the rabble… and the ambitious dreams… to remake the streets, the alleys, the roads, the houses and villas and the countryside of Rome… the wars to nourish the manufactories which make war materials… drain the public purse - now almost empty.” and his grandfather Aulus replied, “No nation took that path without perishing. So Rome must perish.” And it did! History repeats itself - Is the United States on a similar path to destruction?

Juxtaposed with Rome’s days of glory and rise to the peak of their power was Paul’s spiritual struggle. Saul, the devout Jewish Pharisee, was not an easy convert. He was an Orthodox Jew and considered the whole idea of Jesus being the Savior a blasphemy against God. "Great Loin Of God" follows Saul’s spiritual journey from non-believer to becoming Paul the Apostle, one of Jesus’ most faithful followers. While all the other Apostles were busy converting Jews to Christianity, Paul was the first and only Apostle to focus solely on converting Gentiles (non-Jewish Idol worshipers). He sacrificed everything in life to spread the word of God and help others find salvation.

This is an incredible story told by an extraordinary author.

Rated 5 Stars September 2023
… (mere)
LadyLo | 8 andre anmeldelser | Sep 29, 2023 |



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