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Elizabeth Cadell (1903–1989)

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(eng) Also wrote as Harriet Ainsworth.

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The Corner Shop (1966) 153 eksemplarer
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The Fox from His Lair (1965) 68 eksemplarer
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Remains to Be Seen (1983) 49 eksemplarer
The Frenchman and the Lady (1952) 48 eksemplarer
A Lion in the Way (1982) 47 eksemplarer
Home for the Wedding (1972) 46 eksemplarer
Any Two Can Play (1981) 44 eksemplarer
The Marrying Kind (1980) 44 eksemplarer
Honey for Tea (1962) 44 eksemplarer
Out of the Rain (1987) 43 eksemplarer
Shadows on the Water (1957) 42 eksemplarer
Bridal Array (1956) 42 eksemplarer
The Blue Sky of Spring (1967) 40 eksemplarer
The Cuckoo in Spring (1954) 40 eksemplarer
Parson's House (1977) 39 eksemplarer
The Empty Nest (1986) 38 eksemplarer
Return Match (1979) 37 eksemplarer
Iris in Winter (1951) 37 eksemplarer
The Waiting Game (1985) 36 eksemplarer
Sugar Candy Cottage (1958) 36 eksemplarer
Around the Rugged Rock (1954) 33 eksemplarer
Sun in the Morning (1950) 30 eksemplarer
Money to Burn (1954) 29 eksemplarer
Last Straw for Harriet (1947) 27 eksemplarer
The Green Empress (1958) 24 eksemplarer
Alice, Where Art Thou? (1972) 22 eksemplarer
My Dear Aunt Flora (1946) 22 eksemplarer
Death Among Friends (1974) 21 eksemplarer
River Lodge (1978) 20 eksemplarer
Consider the Lilies (1955) 17 eksemplarer
Letter to My Love (1975) 16 eksemplarer
Spring Green (1953) 16 eksemplarer
Mixed Marriage (1963) 16 eksemplarer
Death and Miss Dane (2005) 12 eksemplarer
Men and Angels (1952) 11 eksemplarer
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Juridisk navn
Cadell, Violet Elizabeth Vandyke
Andre navne
Ainsworth, Harriet
Calcutta, India
Yorkshire, England, UK
London, England, UK
Oplysning om flertydighed
Also wrote as Harriet Ainsworth.



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Elizabeth Cadell was a prolific writer and is the author of over 50 light-hearted, humorous and romantic books. Her first book was published in 1946, and this book, Sugar Candy Cottage came along in 1958. Her books have recently been re-issued and I am very happy to have discovered her.

Sugar Candy Cottage is home to mother, Coralie, daughter, Teresa and housekeeper, Lolly. It is a beautiful home, well kept and inviting but it holds some secrets that are best kept hidden. The charming Coralie is, in fact, a selfish woman who wants everything to be exactly as she chooses. When she doesn’t get her own way, she turns into a monster. Lolly has made it her life’s work to shield and protect Teresa but when Teresa decides to visit the uncle who has been estranged from her mother for over twenty years and then suddenly falls in love with a new man and breaks her engagement to the man her mother hand picked for her, Lolly knows that a storm is coming.

I really enjoyed this story, finding it light but slightly edgy. The character of Coralie, a rich, pampered woman who expects things to always go her way was by far the most interesting and she kept the book from becoming too frothy. I liked the hero but did think the heroine, Teresa was a little too soft and demure although she got stronger by the end of the book. I will certainly be reading more from this author in the future.
… (mere)
DeltaQueen50 | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jun 2, 2023 |
Fast read. I couldn't decide whether to be impatient with Emma or compassionate regarding her engagement to a man who is obviously incompatible with her. Ultimately, I decided on compassion, because these things get complicated, and Emma's reasons were explained fairly plausibly. I enjoyed the narrative of her time in Portugal with her eccentric old lady friend, and it all ended well.
Alishadt | 2 andre anmeldelser | Feb 25, 2023 |
I went into this novel totally prepared to like it. It had such a cute premise! Nothing bad or objectionable in it; it just didn't have much sparkle. The professor was actually kind of a cardboard character, and Lucille's transition from "I'm not sure I can stand this job in this primitive place with this ridiculous man for more than a couple of weeks" to "I wish I was back there...in that lovely house...with that great professor" was just too quick and unexplained. The mystery was kind of halfhearted. Easy, light reading, but not too engaging. Unfortunately.… (mere)
Alishadt | 5 andre anmeldelser | Feb 25, 2023 |
Alternate title: I love a lass
Carolien_S | Jan 2, 2023 |


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