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Those Across the River (2011) 660 eksemplarer
The Blacktongue Thief (2021) 659 eksemplarer
Between Two Fires (2012) 497 eksemplarer
The Lesser Dead (2014) 297 eksemplarer
The Necromancer's House (2013) 272 eksemplarer
The Suicide Motor Club (2016) 112 eksemplarer
Blacktongue Thief (Blacktongue, 1) (2022) 72 eksemplarer
Czarny Język (Czarny Język, #1) (2021) 2 eksemplarer
The Daughters' War (2024) 2 eksemplarer
Czarny Język 1 eksemplar
Los del otro lado (2013) 1 eksemplar
Muertos de segunda (2023) 1 eksemplar

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St. Petersburg, Florida, USA



A dispossessed knight turned brigand, a drunkard priest and, a little girl travel across the Godforsaken lands between Normandy and Avignon in 1348. On a quest prompted by the little girl, the trio navigate a landscape ruined by the Black Plague as angels and devils wage war in a time and place rife with despair and ruin. Part historical fiction, part horror, part fantasy… it’s greater than the sum of its parts with its scope and vision. Steve West has a rich British voice that served the main narrative well but mispronunciations (“scythe” in particular came up often) and the voice he gave the little girl did the book a disservice in audio… (mere)
Tanya-dogearedcopy | 23 andre anmeldelser | Feb 5, 2024 |
This book was a solid 4 throughout most of it but a twist at the end brought it up to a 5. It is easily the best vampire story that I have ever read. An extra treat is that the audio recording was narrated marvelously by the author himself.

My thanks to the folks at the Horror Aficionados group for giving me the opportunity to read and discuss this and many other fine books.
Unkletom | 18 andre anmeldelser | Jan 17, 2024 |
This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.
I don't know how to answer that question in under 8 single-spaced pages (okay, that's hyperbole...but it feels honest). Also, this is one of those audiobooks that leaves a listener without a clue how to spell just about everything (for example, I just learned how to spell the main character's name), so you have to factor into my utter inability to write character/nationality/etc. names to my trepidation about trying to sum it up.

So I'm going to just paste what the publisher's site says...

Kinch Na Shannack owes the Takers Guild a small fortune for his education as a thief, which includes (but is not limited to) lock-picking, knife-fighting, wall-scaling, fall-breaking, lie-weaving, trap-making, plus a few small magics. His debt has driven him to lie in wait by the old forest road, planning to rob the next traveler that crosses his path.

But today, Kinch Na Shannack has picked the wrong mark.

Galva is a knight, a survivor of the brutal goblin wars, and handmaiden of the goddess of death. She is searching for her queen, missing since a distant northern city fell to giants.

Unsuccessful in his robbery and lucky to escape with his life, Kinch now finds his fate entangled with Galva's. Common enemies and uncommon dangers force thief and knight on an epic journey where goblins hunger for human flesh, krakens hunt in dark waters, and honor is a luxury few can afford.

(I'm sure I've said this before) It can be dangerous for an author to narrate their own book, but when they're good narrators, they can bring something special to the performance as they understand the book in a way a hired gun never can. Buehlman is one of those authors who should read his own material all the time. He did a bang-up job with the accents, the characters, the comedy, and the drama.

I don't know how this would come across in the print version—I'm assuming it would somehow—but in the audiobook, Buehlman makes Kinch speak with some sort of Irish accent (probably safer to say it's more Irish-ish so he can deviate when he wants), which communicates so much about him. You hear that, and you automatically get his strange cynical optimism, the poverty he came from, his odd sense of humor. I don't know how quickly that would be communicated with some other accent—but it immediately made sense to me. Galva's accent is very different, and utterly fitting, too. I don't know if other narrators would've made choices like he did to communicate that all so well—but I have to give him kudos for that.

I can't really discuss what I think of this book and the various plotlines/characters without spoiling the whole thing. So let's stick to overall impressions.

Buelhman can create a character that shows up for a few pages—or recurs throughout the whole book—that is so well-drawn that you could imagine them carrying their own novella (at least). The magic system (systems?) are inventive—or at least used inventively—and I can think of several mages from other series that would be in trouble if they tried to cross some of these. The main storyline for Kinch seems locked-in early on, but also it's pretty clear (I think) that he's going to diverge from his assignment early. But the way it happens is enough to make you sit up and take notice (and perhaps mumble something like, "Are you sure about this, man?").

Among the many subplots here is a love story—and I don't know if I'll come across one so effective for the rest of the year. *note It's so sweet, so real. And really strange in the way that only fantasy can pull off.

* Okay, I wrote that sentence before I got too far into Charm City Rocks by Matthew Norman a day later, I really shouldn't make statements like that in January.

By the same token, there's this rivalry between Kinch and someone he knew in childhood. Their lives took very different paths, and Kinch (somewhat rightly) feels guilt over the way things went—Malk feels a lot of resentment about it (somewhat rightly, entirely understandably). Watching them navigate this reunion in various circumstances is a real treat. There's some good depth, some believable realism to it—and Beuhlman is able to keep it entertaining.

I don't want this to sound like it's a comedy or a light-hearted caper kind of novel. It's not. There's a lot of darkness in these pages, a lot of tragedy and bloodshed, there's some kind of duplicity on almost every page, and absolutely no one comes out of this unscathed. Assuming they come out of this at all. But you will be hooked; you will be invested in these characters; you will be mystified, weirded out, and perhaps a bit grossed-out by the magic; and you will probably want to avoid large bodies of water juuuuust in case one of Beuhlman's krakens are nearby. *

* I know nobody has happy, shiny krakens full of humor and rainbows. But something about his seemed a degree or two worse.

I picked this up on a whim, mostly out of mild curiosity. But now I have to know what's coming next.
… (mere)
hcnewton | 23 andre anmeldelser | Jan 12, 2024 |
I read the hell out of this book. Buehlman writes great vampires. There's always a human behind that ugly, blood-sucking face. Criminals are usually stupid. That's what makes them criminals. There are great heroes with giant, gaping flaws. It's what drives them into revenge or atonement.

Buehlman also writes a mean and bloody battlefield. The battles here had movie shades of From Dusk 'Til Dawn and John Carpenter's Vampires, but in a more public sphere.

I was wincing over the wrecks of those beautiful old cars. I've always loved classic muscle cars.

There is a dog death, but I have to give Buehlman props for making it meaningful and touching in a few paragraphs. It pinches your heart and then it's over.

The way that Luther met his end was poetic and highly satisfying. Buehlman can make you care about a handful of new characters in less than a page.

I had so many questions at the end. I wanted more. Terrible book hangover coming on. I may have to reread [b:The Lesser Dead|20893407|The Lesser Dead|Christopher Buehlman|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1396375462l/20893407._SY75_.jpg|40236397].
… (mere)
rabbit-stew | 6 andre anmeldelser | Dec 31, 2023 |



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