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Tony La Russa: Man on a Mission (2009) — Forord — 18 eksemplarer
Jack Buck: Forever a Winner (2003)nogle udgaver2 eksemplarer
Brockmire: The Complete Second Season — Actor — 2 eksemplarer
Brockmire: The Complete Fourth Season — Actor — 2 eksemplarer

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I liked this book much more than I expected to. It helps to have grown up in St. Louis during the 1960s and ‘70s, when Jack Buck was a major figure locally, broadcasting the Cardinals games on radio and playing a large role in the community, where he hosted countless charitable dinners and was a constant presence in the life of the city.

Joe tells some stories about his father that were news to me, especially about the end of his first marriage and his relationships with his half-siblings. The story of this father-son relationship reflected generational differences and a depicts a closeness that is rare. It’s hard not to want to trade places with this lucky man, even while recognizing that his path wasn’t always simple or easy. It’s not hard to see how certain insecurities (about nepotism or being known as his father's son before his own work was acknowledged) became entrenched and the tendency to be a “pleaser” originated. Joe's account of his father's death will stay with me for a long time.

The latter sections of the book interested me less, as I didn’t know many of the stories of Joe’s national media career, including his efforts at hosting talk shows and befriending other famous people. His reflections of his relationships with his daughters and the happiness he has found with his second wife are sweet and allow the book to end on a positive note. It's good to be reminded that we don't have to keep making the same mistakes, that it's not too late to apply what we've learned to create a better future for ourselves.

If you can get the audio of the book being read by the author, it adds a particular special dimension in this case.
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STLreader | 1 anden anmeldelse | Aug 15, 2020 |
I found this readable. I don't like Joe Buck the announcer. I found interesting stories in the book although I doubt any will stick with me.
franoscar | 1 anden anmeldelse | Apr 1, 2017 |


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