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The Child Thief (2009) 1,353 eksemplarer
Krampus: The Yule Lord (2012) 540 eksemplarer
Slewfoot (2021) 491 eksemplarer
The Plucker (2005) 376 eksemplarer
Lost Gods (2016) 323 eksemplarer
Darkwerks : the art of Brom (1997) 162 eksemplarer
Offerings (2001) 133 eksemplarer
The Devil's Rose (2007) 132 eksemplarer
The Art of Brom (2013) 50 eksemplarer
Art of Brom (Publishers Edition) (2013) 14 eksemplarer
Brom's Little Black Book (2001) 8 eksemplarer
2012 1 eksemplar
2010 1 eksemplar

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Brom, Gerald
Albany, Georgia, USA
Alabama, USA
Hawai'i, USA
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Frankfurt American High School, Frankfurt, Germany
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TSR Inc. (art department)
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Gerald Brom (born March 9, 1965 in Albany, Georgia), known professionally as Brom, is an American gothic fantasy artist and illustrator, known for his work in role-playing games, novels, and comics.
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If your book appears on this page and is not by the illustrator and artist Gerald Brom, please edit your information to include the author's full name, rather than the surname only. Your book will then appear on the correct author page. Thank you for your help.



I wasn't expecting this.

Like so many, I was caught quite a while ago by the cover image and the gorgeous interior art of this book. But to be honest, seeing that it takes place 350 years ago, I gave it a pass. Something has to really grab me for me to dive into something historical. It's okay, but it's not something I really love.

But, working in a bookstore, I kinda kept coming back to this book and looking at it. And finally, I had an opportunity to get it at a discounted price so I figured, why not?

So glad I did. I really enjoyed this. If there is anything I didn't quite enjoy about the novel, it was around the the characters of Forest and Sky, etc, constantly pleading with Father. That got a little old, but I do also understand the part it played in the overall plot.

But there's a bigger thing that kept going through my mind, especially in the climactic final pages. And that was, "This. THIS is the way you do a new version of CARRIE."

So, here's my thing—and yes, I'm going to take yet another swipe at THE WEIGHT OF BLOOD by Tiffany D. Jackson—which is, we all know there's only a limited number of plots, and I know full well that Stephen King was nowhere near the first to write of a character who's beaten down before unleashing a power they likely shouldn't possess.

But CARRIE is obviously one of the better known ones now. There's an entire generation of people who, when you say that name, immediately picture Sissy Spacek with her crown, and her face covered in pig blood.

There's a right way and a wrong way to take that story and try and make it fresh. Stealing the entire plot, almost beat-for-beat from King, and rewriting it from a POC perspective ain't the way. By all means, DO a retelling, but change it the hell up. This "reimagining" BS ain't the way.

Now, along come Brom with this...and it is a CARRIE story, but it's got some really interesting twists along the way (including a doubling of the CARRIE storyline). But Brom also makes a lot of changes, that both serve the story, while also distancing it from its older sister.

I love what Brom did here. He accomplished a few things.

He gave us a story about female empowerment. He showed us what happens when women are treated like chattel, like possessions. He also manages to paint an interesting—and infuriatingly contemporary—portrait of men who claim to work for god when, in fact, they work and worship the almighty dollar. He got some commentary in there on the true nature of evil...

...and he told a fantastic tale of horror as well.

He got damn near everything right. And he even gave us gorgeous pics to go along with it.
… (mere)
TobinElliott | 20 andre anmeldelser | Feb 26, 2024 |
You can ask the reverend, I think hell just froze. This was so different and wonderful. It’s an experience I can’t describe all too well, but you should read it!
cmpeters | 20 andre anmeldelser | Feb 2, 2024 |
This inventive story was a fun read and the illustrations are fantastically creepy. The writing, however, is the clearest and most consistent example of “telling” instead of “showing” that I’ve ever read. The artwork was far more evocative. Altogether, I feel that this would have made a better graphic novel, with the story told through illustrations and dialogue.
Doodlebug34 | 29 andre anmeldelser | Jan 1, 2024 |
Happy Yule! This is more like a 3.5 star rating. I enjoyed the book for what it was - A nifty deconstruction of the myths we celebrate today.

The illustrations might be breathtaking, but on a 10-year-old six-inch ereader, it doesn't matter.

The characters were kinda fun and I'm sure the author followed the myths and legends that grew into Santa Claus and Krampus. That was the fun part of the book. I loved the melding of all those Eastern and Western European religions/folktales into one messy lump. Brom did an excellent job of spitting them back out into an American rural setting that's already been thumped on the head by the urbanization of work and money. Revenge can be sweet.

“Then let us go and be terrible.”

I really don't think these are spoilers, but I'm hiding them anyway.

Not so fun were all the fully human and non-legendary characters. Specifically, the main character of Jesse. He was a doofus at the beginning of the book and mostly remained that way for the rest of the book. The minimal character growth he showed nothing more than local knowledge or shoveled to him by other characters. Even his redemption arc didn't do much for me. It was too quick and magical.

Brom tries hard to make Dillard a little rounded, but fails hard. There's just no reason that Linda would be with him. Ever.
… (mere)
rabbit-stew | 29 andre anmeldelser | Dec 31, 2023 |



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