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You Are Here by Bremner, Bird and Fortune is described as the sourcebook behind their political satire; the reference for all the comedy they have ably performed for so long. This is far less dry than that suggests, and comes across as a more extensive and exhaustive version of any of their regular TV editions. It covers a mix of foreign matters, from Iraq to the UN to Africa to ex-Soviet states, and then tackles a variety of domestic political issues. At every step they systematically, succinctly and competently expose the hypocrisies, the contradictions and the failed promises that have come to characterise the Blair Government in the UK, and in tandem, the Bush Government in the US.
It’s both funny and sad at the same time; not least of which because like many of us, Bremner, Bird and Fortune believed that all of this would be done away with after the last Tory Government finally fell. Same stories, different players, and this trio are still here to put their own inimitable spin on it, as Blair’s New Labour Government takes on a ghastly mirror-image of Major’s last years.½
MikeFarquhar | May 27, 2007 |