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Here's all the critical information you need to obtain a clinically meaningful health history and conduct a thorough physical assessment. Rely on the fully revised fourth edition of this successful pocket guide to help you elicit relevant facts from the patient's history; identify important aspects of health promotion; review physical examination procedures for adults and children; understnad common normal and abnormal findings; familiarize yourself with special asssessment techniques; and intrepret findings accurately.

Speed your path to precise patient evaluation...

Two-column design and format allow rapid access to needed information at each stage of assessment.
Abundant displays and tables put key facts at your fingertips.
Numerous illustations and charts guide proper assessment techniques.
Coverage of health history and health promotion help you establish rapport, obtain clinically relevant response, and enhance patient education.
Pocket size makes this the perfect on-the-spot reference.

New to the 4th edition...

Free PDA download contains an overview of head-to-toe asssessment for your hand-held device.
Body system organization mirrors the textbook for easy cross-referencing.
Sample write-ups promote effective documentation skills.
New full-color design aids visually oriented learning.
Two new chapters are interviewing and the health history and the pregnant woman.
Updated chapter on pediatric assessment feature new illustrations.

Before you evaluate your next patient...Be sure this quick-reference asssessment guide is in our hands!


Chapter 1 An overview of physical examination and history taking
Chapter 2 Interviewing and the health history
Chapter 3 Beginning the physical examination: General survey and vital signs
Chapter 4 The skin, hair, and nails
Chapter 5 The head and neck
Chatper 6 The thorax and lungs
Chapter 7 The cardiovascular system
Chapter 8 The breasts adn axillac
Chapter 9 The abdomen
Chatper 10 The male genitalia
Chapter 11 The female genitalia
Chapter 12 The pregnant woman
Chapter 13 The anus, rectum, and prostate
Chapter 14 The peripheral vascular system
Chapter 15 The musculoskeletal system
Chapter 16 The nervous system
Chapter 17 Assessing children: Infancey through adolescence
Chapter 18 Clinical reasoning, assessment, and plan
… (mere)
AikiBib | 1 anden anmeldelse | May 29, 2022 |
La tercera edición del Manual de propedéutica médica de Bates es un texto conciso que:
* Esboza la historia clínica.
* Proporciona una revisión ilustrada de la exploración física.
* Recuerda a los estudiantes algunos hallazgos frecuentes.
* Describe algunas de las técnicas especiales de valoración que el estudiante necesita en casos específicos, pero que tal vez no recuerde con el suficiente detalle.
* Proporciona breves elementos de ayuda para interpretar algunos hallazgos.… (mere)
Markeret | 1 anden anmeldelse | Oct 16, 2007 |
jenmary | Nov 17, 2006 |

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