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Forfatter af Working It: Sex Workers on the Work of Sex

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I got this book (and others) when PM Press was selling "damaged" books for 70 percent off. I had never heard of it before that, but am glad it ended up in my possession.

Sex work is work. It doesn't matter what the squares or weird right-wingers think. Using your body and/or mind in order to make money is the definition of a job, and that's what sex work is. It's a shitty industry, but that's not because of the people doing the work. It, like many things that suck the life out of us, is the fault of capitalism. It's the people who own the strip clubs (mostly dudes, mostly white), the pimps (mostly dudes, mostly white), the clients (mostly dudes), the lawmakers (mostly dudes, mostly white), and the "justice" system (aka white supremacy). Because sex work is so looked down on by so much of our society, often times people performing the work have no course of action when they're ripped off, assaulted, or murdered. Sex workers are perhaps the most silenced group of workers in the US, and this book does its best to break that silence.

Working It is a series of essays and interviews by and of people who work and have worked in the sex industry. There are plenty of essays, articles, documentaries, etc. where people who have never done sex work try to speak on behalf of sex workers for better or worse (usually worse). This book helps humanize (because, lord knows, too many people look at sex workers as sub-human. When a sex worker is murdered, many police forces classify it as "no human involved.") the hundreds of thousands of people who make money by trading sex/ualized services, and it's sorely needed.

None of the writing in this collection is bad. Most are really good, and some are great. It's a fairly quick read that will tug on many emotions, from laughter to tears to anger and beyond, and you should definitely read it. Or, if you live in Southern Oregon, borrow it from me.
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bookonion | 6 andre anmeldelser | Apr 12, 2024 |
Show your solidarity in helping spread the good word of de-stigmatization and decriminalization by purchasing this collection of art, interviews, essays and more by sex workers . . . and then consider urging your civilian friends to do the same! Often when people talk about bodily autonomy, they are referring to - almost exclusively - reproductive rights; completely avoiding (out of ignorance or just plain anti-sex work/er sentiments) any inclusion of sex work or sex workers. This oversight does not go unnoticed; considering sex workers are the people on the front lines of advocacy in regards to bodily autonomy (including repro rights), LGBTQIA rights, anti-carceral and anti-policing - you fucking name it, sex workers were there first! The knowledge passed down and lived experiences shared by so many talented and amazing people contained within this one book is intersectional, approachable, readable and vital. One of the best books I've read this year.… (mere)
s_carr | 6 andre anmeldelser | Feb 25, 2024 |