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11 Rules For Life by Chetan Bhagat is truly a five star read for me. Some books are special from page one itself and I can vouch for it that one will be glued to this self-help book and finish it on one go. The book is so easy to read and has a charming narrative.

The conversation between Chetan and Viraj was very intriguing and it unfolded many truths about life. 11 rules, though common but the author effortlessly elaborated them very lucidly and in a very interesting way. The writing style has been very simple and easy to understand. If you read this book and execute the rules in your life, it will transform your current status for sure.

Rule 1: It calls us to focus on our fitness. To achieve anything in life, fitness should be our number one priority. Fitness comprises of healthy diet, physical exercise and good quality sleep.

Rule 2: Mastering Emotions: We have to train our brain to listen to and respect logical way of thinking. If we can master our emotional brain, along with having a trained logical brain, our accomplishments will multiply.

Rule 3: Putting ourselves first: We have to indulge in self-care and set boundaries so that others can learn to understand and respect your needs. We should stop trying to please everyone which increases our stress and allow others to control us.

Rule 4: Mastering simple English: We should get our English communication skills to a point where the language is no longer a roadblock in life.

Rule 5: No cheap dopamine: Cheap dopamine messes up with our brain and it is important to moderate our desire and focus on things which really matter. We should replace cheap dopamine with earned dopamine. Cheap dopamine addiction can be countered with a target oriented lifestyle.

Rule 6: Chasing the hard things: We need to avoid hard things, instead we should chase them to make our vision and dreams come true.

Rule 7: Eating the elephant: We should divide our big goals into many tiny goals and target each of them one at a time.

Rule 8: Be the cockroach: Change is inevitable, we should not be scared of the changes and treat them as an adventure.

Rule 9: Learn to connect with people: Networking requires maintaining healthy connections with a wide variety or number of people.

Rule 10: It's my fault: We need to junk our excuses and justifications and replace it with accountability.

Rule 11: Earn, save and invest: Only earning is not enough, what we have to is become wealthy and for that we need to practice making smart financial choices and investments.

This book dwelves about mastering yourself by taking control over emotions, focusing on health, taking baby steps, living like cockroaches, and most importantly, admitting and learning from mistakes.
The author has also shared some of his personal life experiences that no one knew before. This will surely make you share what you’re going through. It is written in a way that you will feel connected with the author. He has covered everything about self-improvement that one needs to know to change the compass of their life.

One of my biggest takeaways from the book is “If you’re working on a bigger project and you’re afraid to take one step ahead then break everything into categories and perform the tasks as you go along”.

Readers who appreciate Chetan Bhagat’s straightforward and relatable writing style are likely to find this book engaging. The narrative is described as inspiring and easy to read, presenting practical advice for personal growth. The book aims to challenge conventional notions about success, fairness, and societal expectations.

While some readers commend the book for its honesty and the valuable framework it provides, others note that certain rules may benefit from more examples and steps for implementation. Despite this, the overall sentiment is positive, with readers expressing gratitude for the practical guidance offered in the book.
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Saswata_Guha | May 8, 2024 |
It's not great literature, but it is entertaining enough, with engaging characters. Ultimately, though, it's really more of cultural interest.
thisisstephenbetts | 20 andre anmeldelser | Nov 25, 2023 |
Her'e what I wrote in 2011 about this read: "Hmmmm - Similar to first Bhagat novel read, I may be missing something (necessary understanding of India's pressured-to-conform culture, of India's youth?). The characters didn't impress me at all, but learned more about the IIT's, India's set of engineering colleges. "
MGADMJK | 25 andre anmeldelser | Aug 23, 2023 |
This is what I wrote in 2010 about this read: "Modern (and pretty light) Indian novel; note use of "@" in title. Some good humor. Young & westernized Indians very contemptuous of Americans. MGA questioned her gold jewelry after multiple references to only "aunties" wearing gold."
MGADMJK | 20 andre anmeldelser | Aug 18, 2023 |



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