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The Perfect Child (2019) 409 eksemplarer
The Best of Friends (2020) 211 eksemplarer
When She Returned (2019) 158 eksemplarer
Saving Noah (2017) 153 eksemplarer
Under Her Care (2022) 115 eksemplarer
Phantom Limb (2016) 99 eksemplarer
Off the Deep End: A Thriller (2023) 78 eksemplarer
The Secrets of Us (2021) 76 eksemplarer
Appetite for Innocence (2017) 71 eksemplarer
Keep Your Friends Close (2023) 43 eksemplarer
Missing Parts (2016) 30 eksemplarer
One Little Mistake: A Novella (2021) 9 eksemplarer
One of Our Own 9 eksemplarer
If You Tell a Lie 2 eksemplarer

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This wasn't my favorite Lucinda Berry book. It frustrated me that the main character just couldn't tell the truth. I've also never been in the position of being raped, but to then just run away. She also runs away and ends up in this perfect little town where she has a life and is accepted and finds another guy. The chances of that? Slim. It just seemed weird that she just ran away. Granted she thought she killed the guy. But ummm....he raped her? So, there's that. This was worth the time to listen but definitely found almost all the characters annoying. The husband was not understanding enough, the best friend is an asshole for being with her husband now, the main character was annoying because she couldn't get out of her own way, and the child was a brat. It was just too much all for one book.… (mere)
Mav-n-Libby | 1 anden anmeldelse | May 20, 2024 |
This was really good...SPOILER And I loved the end that it really was what you think it was. The mother listens to a story of a girl who was gang raped it sounds like. And then she finds the same underwear in her son's room. I thought for sure there was going to be some big twist where it wasn't him, but there wasn't. It was him. Her son who she thought was put together and a good kid, is a psychopath who has done this many times. But she's still his mom. I listened to this about a month ago and just getting to the review now. I did have to look it up to be triggered what this was about, but then remembered all of it. It's just a short 4 hour audiobook. Def worth the listen!… (mere)
Mav-n-Libby | 1 anden anmeldelse | May 20, 2024 |
This book was so good. It was my first Lucinda Berry and I've been wanting to read her books. She was able to draw me in and felt like I could feel the relationship between mother and son. SPOILER: Both "twists" at the end, the fact that his mom decides to help him die. That hit all the feels. And I kind of predicted the end, that his father had the same issue. I was just hoping the father hadn't done anything to the daughter and it doesn't sound like he did. But how strongly his father felt, made me think that his father was the same way. However, I still found the twist shocking that she went there. Such a quick read and also emotional.… (mere)
Mav-n-Libby | 6 andre anmeldelser | Apr 12, 2024 |
This is the type of psychological thriller that is impossible to put down even though you know what is coming. The predictable narrative line unfolds as expected, but along the way you will feel every emotion and hope that you are wrong about the story.

When Felicia gets the late-night call at the local crisis center, she has no idea that this is the beginning of the end of her own quiet life in a small Wisconsin town. The caller is a young girl who wants to kill herself after being sexually assaulted by older boys at her private school. The video the boys made is beyond humiliating. Felicia defies protocol and gives the girl her private phone number and becomes obsessed with trying to help her. Against every logical analysis, Felicia becomes concerned that her only child, Hunter, a junior at the same school, might know something about this crime.

So good, so sad. A quick listen as it is a novella and I stayed up late to finish because I had to know. Loved the narrators and the entire production of this audiobook as it was quite well done.

Got my copy from the local library. Only available on audio.
… (mere)
CelticLibrarian | 1 anden anmeldelse | Apr 4, 2024 |


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½ 3.7

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