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Fiona Barton trains and works with journalists all over the world. Previously, she was a senior writer at the Daily Mail, news editor at the Daily Telegraph, and chief reporter at the Mail on Sunday, where she won Reporter of the Year at the British Press Awards. (Bowker Author Biography)

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The Widow (2016) 2,216 eksemplarer, 175 anmeldelser
The Child (2017) 1,232 eksemplarer, 76 anmeldelser
The Suspect (2019) 634 eksemplarer, 49 anmeldelser
Local Gone Missing (2022) 219 eksemplarer, 13 anmeldelser
Talking to Strangers (2024) 6 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Epäilty (2020) 1 eksemplar

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journalist, writer
chief reporter at The Mail on Sunday
news editor at the Daily Telegraph
senior writer at the Daily Mail
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My career has taken some surprising twists and turns over the years. I have been a journalist - senior writer at the Daily Mail, news editor at the Daily Telegraph, and chief reporter at The Mail on Sunday, where I won Reporter of the Year at the National Press Awards, gave up my job to volunteer in Sri Lanka and since 2008, have trained and worked with exiled and threatened journalists all over the world.My husband and I are living the good life in south-west France, where I am writing in bed, early in the morning when the only distraction is our cockerel, Sparky, crowing.



Menos mal que leí "The Child" antes que este. Me decepcionó que no tuviera tantos twists como el otro.

La narración de cinco (tres si consideramos que Glen y Dawn solo tienen un capítulo cada uno si mal no recuerdo) personajes es un montón y aparte no ayuda porque quiere adentrarnos en el caso desde las diferentes perspectivas pero al final igualmente no hay tanto que contar!!!!!!! Siento además que esa estructura no funcionó porque ya desde un principio había un sospechoso.

La diferencia que hace que de "The Child" sea mejor como misterio/crimen/whodunnit es que Kate se adueña de la investigación y su presencia ayuda a la historia. Acá no y esperaba verla más metida en el caso.

Me gustó pero hasta ahí. ¿Lo leería de vuelta? No. ¿Lo recomendaría? Probablemente no porque te deja esperando y queriendo leer algo que no es.
… (mere)
aagusbenitez | 174 andre anmeldelser | Jun 17, 2024 |
Journalist Kate Waters is back, this time traveling out of the country. When two British 18-year-old girls go missing in Thailand, Kate is pulled in after speaking to their distraught parents. Soon she is in Thailand herself, trying to follow the last known paths of the girls. Meanwhile, she's battling her emotions as a mother, whose son Jake is also in Thailand but whom she hasn't seen in two years. The more she investigates, the more emotionally involved she becomes, and just as she thinks she's coming closer to finding Jake, he disappears again.

#3 in the series involving Kate Waters. This one was definitely my favorite of the three. I found the plot very engrossing and the way the two stories -- the missing girls and Kate's son Jake -- were pulled together, was done very well. I was happy to see Detective Bob Sparkes featured more heavily in this one again (he was a main character in book #1 but was only minimally involved in book #2). The alternate viewpoints of several main characters works well in this series. I'm not sure if there will be more in this series, but I do think Fiona Barton has flown somewhat under the radar and perhaps deserves more attention than she's gotten.
… (mere)
indygo88 | 48 andre anmeldelser | May 25, 2024 |
When a tiny skeleton is found buried at a worksite, it captures the attention of British journalist Kate Waters. Is it the missing baby of a young couple whose infant daughter disappeared from a hospital maternity ward many years ago? Or is this something else entirely? Kate investigates several different lines of inquiry, becoming entangled in the lives of several women who have secrets. But do they relate to the missing baby or is something else going on?
This is the second book in a series featuring Kate Waters, a British journalist. As I write this, I've already finished book #3, so this one's not as fresh in my mind. I think I did like this one better than book #1, and while Kate was not a particular likeable character in the first book, she grew on me a little more this time around. Fiona Barton does a good job intertwining stories and keeping the reader guessing, with somewhat of a surprise near the end. This author was on the edge of my radar, but after now reading two of her books, I'm impressed enough to want to read more.… (mere)
indygo88 | 75 andre anmeldelser | May 25, 2024 |
The British wording and terms threw me a bit at first, but I soon picked them up and fell into this story head first.
As a mother of an almost 17-year-old, I was heartbroken along with Alex and Rosie's parents. I just know that I would be in the same if not a worse state if it was my daughter.
Kate was a refreshing contrast to the parents, to begin with. Though she soon gets thrown for her own loop.
The story is told in 2 parts, each chapter in the parts is either from the Reporter, the Mother, The Detective or from Alex's point of view. I loved getting different perspectives in the story. I felt as though I got to really know all the characters, and not a lot of the info was repeated, everything flowed extremely well.… (mere)
chaoticmel | 48 andre anmeldelser | May 18, 2024 |



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