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Aaron Allston (1960–2014)

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Aaron Allston was born in Corsicana, Texas on December 8, 1960. He attended the University of Texas, at Austin, briefly, intending to study journalism, but after a semester at the university and a year working for The Austin American Statesman newspaper, he found he did not particularly like either vis mere college or journalism. At that point, he went to work for Space Gamer magazine and quickly moved up to the position of editor. He also began designing supplements to role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, on a freelance basis. By 1983, he was working full-time as a freelance game designer and editor. His first novel, Web of Danger, was based on the Top Secret/S.I. game line. His other works include the Wraith Squadron series for the Star Wars Expanded Universe line, Galatea in 2-D, and Doc Sidhe. He died from heart failure on February 27, 2014. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Værker af Aaron Allston

Wraith Squadron (1998) 1,447 eksemplarer
Iron Fist (1998) 1,385 eksemplarer
Solo Command (1999) 1,328 eksemplarer
Starfighters of Adumar (1999) 1,209 eksemplarer
Legacy of the Force: Betrayal (2006) 1,168 eksemplarer
Rebel Dream (Enemy Lines I) (2002) 1,063 eksemplarer
Rebel Stand (Enemy Lines II) (2002) 1,025 eksemplarer
Exile (2007) 889 eksemplarer
Fury (2007) 817 eksemplarer
Outcast (2009) 743 eksemplarer
Backlash (2010) 556 eksemplarer
Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Conviction (2011) — Forfatter — 403 eksemplarer
Mercy Kill (2012) 346 eksemplarer
The Complete Fighter's Handbook (1989) — Forfatter — 331 eksemplarer
Doc Sidhe (1995) 286 eksemplarer
The Complete Priest's Handbook (1990) 255 eksemplarer
Sidhe-Devil (2001) 176 eksemplarer
Rules Cyclopedia (1991) 148 eksemplarer
The Complete Ninja's Handbook (1995) 73 eksemplarer
Galatea in 2-D (1993) 72 eksemplarer
Champions (2002) 48 eksemplarer
Terminator Hunt (2004) 46 eksemplarer
Terminator Dreams (2003) 42 eksemplarer
Wrath of the Immortals (1992) 30 eksemplarer
Mythic Greece: The Age of Heroes (1988) 24 eksemplarer
GURPS Fantasy: Harkwood (1988) 22 eksemplarer
GURPS Autoduel (1986) 21 eksemplarer
The Circle and M. E. T. E. (1983) 16 eksemplarer
The Blood and Dr McQuark (1985) 13 eksemplarer
Super Agents (1986) 13 eksemplarer
Robot Warriors (1986) 11 eksemplarer
Double Jeopardy (1994) 8 eksemplarer
The League of Spies 3 eksemplarer
Sunday Drivers 3 eksemplarer
Aaron Allston 3 eksemplarer
Justice Inc Campaign Book (1984) 2 eksemplarer
Space Gamer 63 2 eksemplarer
The Space Gamer, #52 (1982) 1 eksemplar
The Space Gamer, #62 (1983) 1 eksemplar
The Space Gamer, #55 (1982) 1 eksemplar
Crime Fighter 1 eksemplar
Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteer (1989) 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

Player's Handbook (2014) — Bidragyder — 2,402 eksemplarer
Monster Manual (5e) (2014) — Bidragyder — 1,342 eksemplarer
Paranoia XP (2004) — Bidragyder — 137 eksemplarer
Shadows of the New Sun: Stories in Honor of Gene Wolfe (2013) — Bidragyder — 78 eksemplarer
Time Traveled Tales: Volume 1 (2014) — Bidragyder — 23 eksemplarer
Rayguns Over Texas (2013) 22 eksemplarer
Paranoia: Internal Security (MGP6668) (2009) — Collaborator — 15 eksemplarer
Paranoia: Troubleshooters (2009) — Bidragyder — 15 eksemplarer
Web of Danger/Acolytes of Darkness (Double Agent Books) (1988)nogle udgaver10 eksemplarer
Termination Quote Exceeded (Paranoia) (2009) — Bidragyder — 8 eksemplarer

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Juridisk navn
Allston, Aaron Dale
Corsicana, Texas, USA
Springfield, Missouri, USA
Round Rock, Texas, USA
Denton, Texas, USA
Austin, Texas, USA
University of Texas, Austin
computer games creator
Allston, Tom Dale (father)
Boehm, Rose Binford (mother)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Russell Galen
Kort biografi
Aaron Dale Allston (December 8, 1960 – February 27, 2014) was an American game designer and author of many science fiction books, notably Star Wars novels. His works as a game designer include game supplements for role-playing games, several of which served to establish the basis for products and subsequent development of TSR's Dungeons & Dragons game setting Mystara.



FROM AMAZON: Repercussions from the dark side's fatal seduction of Jacen Solo and the mysterious plague of madness afflicting young Jedi continue to wreak havoc galaxy-wide. Having narrowly escaped the deranged Force worshippers known as the Mind Walkers, and a deadly Sith hit squad, Luke and Ben Skywalker are in pursuit of the now masterless Sith apprentice. It is a chase that leads to the forbidding planet Dathomir, where an enclave of powerful dark-side Force-wielders will give Vestara the edge she needs to escape - and where the Skywalkers will be forced into combat for their quarry and their lives.

Meanwhile, Han and Leia have completed their own desperate mission, shuttling madness-stricken Jedi from Coruscant to a safe haven in the Transitory Mists and beyond the grasp of Galactic Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala. But the bold maneuver has intensified Daalas fury, and she is determined to shatter Jedi Order resistance once and for all.

Yet no greater threat exists than that which still waits in the depths of the distant Maw Cluster: a being of pure, ravenous dark-side energy named Abeloth calls out across the stars to Jedi and Sith alike. For some it may be the ultimate source of answers crucial to their survival. For others it could be the ultimate weapon of conquest. But for all, it is a game-changing and life-altering encounter of untold magnitude and a tactical gambit with unimaginable consequences.
… (mere)
Gmomaj | 16 andre anmeldelser | Nov 3, 2023 |
Two words: Ewok jokes. Absolutely hilarious book that deals with some serious issues as well.
justgeekingby | 4 andre anmeldelser | Jun 6, 2023 |
I really enjoyed this book for several reasons. There was still a sense of urgency and foreboding as is normal of the Star Wars universe, but it was also light-hearted. It was also nice to see the whole anti-Jedi feelings that had been hanging around for quite a long time finally coming to fruitation and causing long term issues for the Jedi.

Then there was the chance to see Luke and Ben together. Mara will always be my favorite character but due to the massive events of the previous novels we rarely got to see Luke and Ben together, their relationship is brilliant to read and very amusing at times. I loved the witty banter, and especially the scene where Ben starts singing an ewok song to Luke :D… (mere)
justgeekingby | 22 andre anmeldelser | Jun 6, 2023 |
This is the 4th book of the Legacy series. It has amazing pacing and balance between switching points of view.
Unfortunately, I didn't much enjoy Ben's storyline. But If you like reading about Ben Solo, the second half of this book should work for you. It's heavily focused on him. On the other hand, I was pleased that Jaina showed up finally for more than a few lines.
So far the least impressive book, but not bad by any means.
Mandalor | 7 andre anmeldelser | Jun 21, 2022 |



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