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Image credit: Isabella Macdonald Alden [aka Pansy] (1841-1930) Buffalo Electrotype and Engraving Co., Buffalo, N.Y.


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Ester Ried (1901) 141 eksemplarer
Tip Lewis and His Lamp (1867) 90 eksemplarer
The King's Daughter (1873) 89 eksemplarer
Three People (1871) 82 eksemplarer
Four Girls at Chautauqua (1876) 78 eksemplarer
Ester Ried "Yet Speaking" (1883) 72 eksemplarer
A New Graft on the Family Tree (1880) 71 eksemplarer
The Chautauqua Girls at Home (1877) 63 eksemplarer
A Dozen of Them (1888) 54 eksemplarer
Wise and Otherwise (1873) 50 eksemplarer
Julia Ried : Listening and Led (1872) 49 eksemplarer
Ruth Erskine's Crosses (1879) 48 eksemplarer
Chrissy's endeavor (1889) 45 eksemplarer
Judge Burnham's Daughters (1888) 42 eksemplarer
The Pansy 39 eksemplarer
The Hall in the Grove (1881) 37 eksemplarer
Christie's Christmas (1884) 33 eksemplarer
As in a mirror (1898) 32 eksemplarer
The Randolphs (1876) 29 eksemplarer
Little fishers: and their nets (1878) 27 eksemplarer
Four Mothers at Chautauqua (1913) 26 eksemplarer
The Browning Boys (1886) 26 eksemplarer
Cunning Workmen (1875) 24 eksemplarer
Lost on the trail (1911) 22 eksemplarer
Overruled (1897) 22 eksemplarer
Interrupted (1884) 22 eksemplarer
Household Puzzles (1874) 22 eksemplarer
An Endless Chain (1884) 21 eksemplarer
Eighty-Seven (1887) 21 eksemplarer
Side by Side (1893) 20 eksemplarer
Links in Rebecca's Life (1878) 20 eksemplarer
Mrs. Solomon Smith Looking On (1882) 20 eksemplarer
Twenty Minutes Late (1893) 20 eksemplarer
Aunt Hannah and Martha and John (1890) 19 eksemplarer
One Commonplace Day (1886) 19 eksemplarer
Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant (1891) 19 eksemplarer
Bernie's White Chicken (1867) 19 eksemplarer
Divers Women (1880) 18 eksemplarer
Profiles (1888) 18 eksemplarer
Jessie Wells (1865) 18 eksemplarer
A Hedge Fence (2014) 16 eksemplarer
Helen Lester (1865) — Forfatter — 16 eksemplarer
Docia's Journal; or, God is Love (1871) 15 eksemplarer
The Pocket Measure (1881) 15 eksemplarer
Her Associate Members (1891) 15 eksemplarer
Spun From Fact (1886) 13 eksemplarer
John Remington, Martyr (1892) 13 eksemplarer
Ester Ried's Namesake (1906) 13 eksemplarer
We Twelve Girls (2016) 13 eksemplarer
The exact truth (1892) 12 eksemplarer
Making Fate (1896) 12 eksemplarer
Ruth Erskine's Son (1907) 12 eksemplarer
Six o'clock in the evening (1889) 12 eksemplarer
A Sevenfold Trouble (1889) 12 eksemplarer
Her Mother's Bible 12 eksemplarer
Pansies for Thoughts (1888) 12 eksemplarer
Only Ten Cents (1895) 11 eksemplarer
Pansy's Sunday Book (2012) 11 eksemplarer
Stephen Mitchell's Journey (1893) 11 eksemplarer
Reuben's Hindrances (2017) 10 eksemplarer
Unto the End (2014) 10 eksemplarer
The Browns at Mt. Hermon (1908) 10 eksemplarer
What They Couldn't: A Home Story (1895) 10 eksemplarer
Six Little Girls (2013) 8 eksemplarer
By way of the wilderness (1899) 8 eksemplarer
Memories of Yesterdays (1931) 6 eksemplarer
Pauline (1900) 6 eksemplarer
An interrupted night (1929) 6 eksemplarer
Sunshine Factory (2007) 6 eksemplarer
Mara (1903) 6 eksemplarer
Getting Ahead (1877) 6 eksemplarer
Next Things and Dorrie's Day (1880) 6 eksemplarer
Wanted (1894) 6 eksemplarer
PANSY'S PICTURE BOOK 6 eksemplarer
Robbie and the Stars 5 eksemplarer
Our Little Men and Women (1889) 5 eksemplarer
David Ransom's Watch (1905) 5 eksemplarer
The older brother (1897) 5 eksemplarer
Five Friends (1882) 5 eksemplarer
The fortunate calamity (1927) 5 eksemplarer
Two boys 5 eksemplarer
Nettie in the kitchen 4 eksemplarer
Grandpa's darlings (2021) 4 eksemplarer
Going Halves 4 eksemplarer
Mary Burton Abroad (1882) 4 eksemplarer
Brave Tommy 4 eksemplarer
Monteagle (2016) 4 eksemplarer
Bargaining 4 eksemplarer
Danger Cliff 4 eksemplarer
Doris Farrand's Vocation (1904) 4 eksemplarer
Young People Abroad 4 eksemplarer
Fred's Puzzle 3 eksemplarer
In Vacation 3 eksemplarer
Sadie's Victory 3 eksemplarer
Glimpses of Girlhood (1892) 3 eksemplarer
Leonard's April Fool 3 eksemplarer
An Old Soldier's Story 3 eksemplarer
A Thoughtful Daughter 3 eksemplarer
A Morning Ride 3 eksemplarer
Who Did It 3 eksemplarer
Young people at home 3 eksemplarer
Red ribbon 3 eksemplarer
Next Things 3 eksemplarer
Some Boys and Girls 2 eksemplarer
Stories from the Pansy 2 eksemplarer
Sunday Chat for 1891 2 eksemplarer
Ringing Words 2 eksemplarer
New Year's Tangles 2 eksemplarer
A Christmas Time 2 eksemplarer
Ester Ried, The Complete Series (2016) 2 eksemplarer
The Bryant Family 2 eksemplarer
Opportunity 2 eksemplarer
Boys of Algeria 2 eksemplarer
What keeping still did 2 eksemplarer
Flossie's Triumph 2 eksemplarer
Claire's Bewilderment 2 eksemplarer
Through the Woods 2 eksemplarer
Turning the Mill Wheel 2 eksemplarer
Leafy fern 2 eksemplarer
An hour with Miss Streator (2013) 2 eksemplarer
The long way home (1912) 2 eksemplarer
Helen the historian 2 eksemplarer
Pansy Novels, Volume 2 2 eksemplarer
Through Patience 1 eksemplar
To be or not to be 1 eksemplar
Transformed 1 eksemplar
Emma's Ambition 1 eksemplar
Half Hour Library 1 eksemplar
Some Young Heroines 1 eksemplar
Mrs. Deane's Way 1 eksemplar
A Modern Exodus 1 eksemplar
John and Mary 1 eksemplar
At home stories (1887) 1 eksemplar
Sowing Seed 1 eksemplar
Sunday Fractures 1 eksemplar
New Nerves 1 eksemplar
Young Folks 1 eksemplar
Good Cheer 1 eksemplar
Wise Alice 1 eksemplar
LibriVox Christmas Short Works Collection 2020 — Forfatter — 1 eksemplar
Hester's Experience 1 eksemplar
Alexander the Great 1 eksemplar
Whisk and Frisk 1 eksemplar
The Lesson in Story 1 eksemplar
Company try 1 eksemplar
Laura's Plans 1 eksemplar
Worth having 1 eksemplar
My daughter Susan 1 eksemplar
Little hands 1 eksemplar
The little card 1 eksemplar
Julia Ried (1872) 1 eksemplar
Huldy 1 eksemplar
Eugene Cooper 1 eksemplar
At home and abroad (1888) 1 eksemplar
Amazing Fate 1 eksemplar
After Play Stories (1893) 1 eksemplar
The Workers 1 eksemplar
Evenings at Home 1 eksemplar
The Kaleidoscope 1 eksemplar
Mrs. Dunlap 1 eksemplar
The Sunday Book 1 eksemplar
Our Darlings 1 eksemplar
Benjamin's Wife 1 eksemplar
Only a Spark 1 eksemplar
Vida 1 eksemplar
A Morning Visit 1 eksemplar
Mary's Prizes 1 eksemplar
Daisy's kitten 1 eksemplar
Chopsticks 1 eksemplar
Mrs. Lewis' Book 1 eksemplar
Buckwheat Cakes 1 eksemplar
Faith and Gasoline 1 eksemplar

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3.5 stars.

HA! Somebody, anybody, please give me a pat on the back for finishing this! It took me over two months, but hey! At least I did it!
SarahGraceGrzy | Oct 2, 2018 |
Reuben Watson Stone is a fourteen-year-old boy who lives in a New York city with his mother and younger sister Elizabeth (Beth). The family is poor because Reuben’s father has been dead for some time, and Reuben doesn’t go to school because, as the man of the house, he must go out each day to look for odd jobs so that he might earn enough money to get food, buy coal, and pay the rent. One night, he rescues a young drunken man named Edward Harrison who “rewards” him by offering him a job at St. Mark’s Saloon, but Reuben refuses because he has seen first-hand the effects of drink in his encounter with Edward. His mother wonders if he shouldn’t go ahead and take the job, but his decision is encouraged by their new neighbor, Miss Priscilla Hunter, who tells him that her father, brother, and a friend all died as a result of liquor.
However, through Edward, Reuben meets a visiting businessman named Mr. Barrows who, taking a liking to the young boy for his strong moral convictions and honesty, invites Reuben to come home with him and work at his small-town box factory in a rural area at some distance from the city. Arrangements are even made for Mrs. Stone, Beth, and Miss Hunter to move and get work with Mr. Barrow as well. However, the enemy lays many snares for Reuben. There are townspeople who think that Mr. Barrow should hire local boys instead of bringing a stranger in. There are other boys in the factory who tease and tempt Reuben. Then Reuben is unjustly accused of laming Mr. Barrows’s horse and not telling anyone about it. And all during this time, Reuben is trying to make up his mind whether to give his life to Christ or not. What will happen to Reuben? And will he decide to trust in Jesus or not?
Author Isabella Macdonald Alden (1841–1930) was born to Isaac and Myra Spafford Macdonald, of Rochester, NY. Given the nickname “Pansy” as a child, she often wrote under that pseudonym, even editing a juvenile magazine named The Pansy. After being homeschooled by her father, she married a minister named Gustavus Rossenberg Alden and wrote around 100 books, mostly didactic fiction. I picked this one up when visiting in Pennsylvania and in doing some research on it couldn’t find it at first in a listing of Mrs. Alden’s books. However, I later learned that it was originally published under the title The Man of the House. Some people may feel that stories like this are hopelessly outdated and completely irrelevant for today’s children. However, many of Mrs. Alden’s books are being republished for parents who want reading material for their families which is based on traditional Judaeo-Christian values rather than much of the pathetic drivel which passes for modern children’s literature. I immensely enjoyed reading this book and especially liked the anti-liquor and anti-tobacco message. It is a good story for boys.
… (mere)
Homeschoolbookreview | May 4, 2012 |
Lovely etchings. Pansy is pen name of Isabella Macdonald Alden 1841-1931 Rochester NY. Wrote dozens of childrens books.
kitchengardenbooks | Apr 7, 2012 |
Published in 1908, the setting for this book is the 'new' camp at Mt. Hermon, California. Her description of the locale, set amidst towering redwoods, is beautiful. Surprisingly enough, current photographs on the Mount Hermon website show the natural setting of the camp looking as Pansy described it over 100 years ago.

I've read all but a handful of Pansy's 88 books for adults and young adults, and this is the only one I recall being a comedy. The Browns of the title begin with Mary Brown, who continually meets more Browns as she travels west to this camp at Mount Hermon. Her experiences with her new Brown acquaintances form the comedy, yet at its heart, this, as all of Pansy's books are, is didactic fiction.

It is not one of her best works, still I enjoyed it, though probably because I'm a die-hard Pansy fan.
… (mere)
countrylife | Feb 28, 2011 |

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