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David A. Adler was born in New York City. He attended Queen's College in New York City and later, earned an MBA in Marketing from New York University. He writes both fiction and non-fiction. He is the author of Cam Jansen mysteries and the Andy Russell titles. His titles has earned him numerous vis mere awards including a Sydney Taylor Book Award for his title "The Number on My Grandfather's Arm," "A Picture Book of Jewish Holidays" was named a Notable Book of 1981 by the American Library Association and "Our Golda" was named a Carter G. Woodson Award Honor Book. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre


Værker af David A. Adler

Cam Jansen and The Mystery of the UFO (1980) 2,019 eksemplarer
Cam Jansen and the Snowy Day Mystery (2004) 1,659 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of George Washington (1989) 1,375 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln (1989) 1,330 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Harriet Tubman (1991) 1,038 eksemplarer
Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery (1996) 966 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin (1892) 790 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Rosa Parks (1900) 733 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Anne Frank (1993) 703 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Jesse Owens (1750) 689 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Helen Keller (1840) 668 eksemplarer
Cam Jansen and The Birthday Mystery (2000) 569 eksemplarer
Don't Throw It to Mo! (2015) 565 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson (1900) 562 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Sacagawea (2000) 546 eksemplarer
Heroes of the Revolution (2003) 462 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Amelia Earhart (1998) 458 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Frederick Douglass (1993) 451 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Davy Crockett (1996) 445 eksemplarer
Young Cam Jansen and the Lost Tooth (1997) 439 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy (1991) 386 eksemplarer
Fractions, Decimals, and Percents (2010) 342 eksemplarer
The Babe & I (1999) 338 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth (1994) 337 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison (1996) 332 eksemplarer
Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man (1997) 332 eksemplarer
Fraction Fun (1996) 328 eksemplarer
Money Madness (2009) 323 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Hanukkah (1982) 314 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt (1991) 313 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Passover (1849) 296 eksemplarer
We Remember the Holocaust (1989) 293 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Harry Houdini (2009) 289 eksemplarer
How Tall, How Short, How Far Away? (1999) 281 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Paul Revere (1995) 259 eksemplarer
Place Value (2016) 255 eksemplarer
Fun with Roman Numerals (2008) 251 eksemplarer
Shape Up! (1998) 219 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark (2003) 219 eksemplarer
Get a Hit, Mo! (2016) 215 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Jackie Robinson (1994) 213 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Louis Braille (1800) 205 eksemplarer
Working With Fractions (2007) 183 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Simón Bolívar (1992) 181 eksemplarer
Bones and the Dog Gone Mystery (2004) 177 eksemplarer
My Dog and the Knock Knock Mystery (1985) 177 eksemplarer
Magnets Push, Magnets Pull (2017) 174 eksemplarer
Pass the Ball, Mo! (2018) 168 eksemplarer
Heroes for Civil Rights (2007) 153 eksemplarer
Mama Played Baseball (2003) 141 eksemplarer
The Number on My Grandfather's Arm (1987) 141 eksemplarer
Cam Jansen and the Graduation Day Mystery (2011) — Forfatter — 139 eksemplarer
The Story of Hanukkah (2011) 139 eksemplarer
Bones and the Big Yellow Mystery (2004) 138 eksemplarer
The Day I Lost My Class Hamster (2006) 137 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Robert E. Lee (1994) 132 eksemplarer
Our Golda: The Story of Golda Meir (1984) 131 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Jewish Holidays (1981) 130 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Thurgood Marshall (1997) 130 eksemplarer
B. Franklin, Printer (2001) 121 eksemplarer
Time Zones (2010) 114 eksemplarer
Chanukah in Chelm (1997) 113 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Patrick Henry (1995) 106 eksemplarer
Calculator Riddles (1995) 105 eksemplarer
Hiding from the Nazis (1666) 101 eksemplarer
The Story of Passover (2014) 100 eksemplarer
Triangles (2014) — Forfatter — 96 eksemplarer
Child of the Warsaw Ghetto (1995) 93 eksemplarer
Bones and the Dinosaur Mystery (2005) 90 eksemplarer
Bones and the Cupcake Mystery (2005) 86 eksemplarer
Happy Hanukkah Rebus (1989) 84 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Cesar Chavez (1761) 83 eksemplarer
The Many Troubles of Andy Russell (1998) 72 eksemplarer
You Can, Toucan, Math (2006) 71 eksemplarer
Bones and the Math Test Mystery (2008) 70 eksemplarer
Frederick Douglass: A Noble Life (2010) 70 eksemplarer
Roman Numerals (Young Math Books) (1802) 68 eksemplarer
Kick It, Mo! (2018) 66 eksemplarer
School Trouble for Andy Russell (1999) 64 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Samuel Adams (2005) 59 eksemplarer
Bones and the Birthday Mystery (2007) 58 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Sam Houston (2012) 58 eksemplarer
Hanukkah Cookies with Sprinkles (2015) 56 eksemplarer
Don't Talk to Me About the War (2008) 56 eksemplarer
Joe Louis: America's Fighter (2005) 56 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of John Hancock (2007) 53 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Sitting Bull (1993) 47 eksemplarer
Campy: The Story of Roy Campanella (2007) 46 eksemplarer
Circles (2016) 44 eksemplarer
Satchel Paige: Don't Look Back (2007) 44 eksemplarer
The Children of Chelm (1979) 43 eksemplarer
A Little at a Time (1976) 38 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Daniel Boone (2013) 37 eksemplarer
Light Waves (2018) 36 eksemplarer
Cam Jansen Double Mystery #1 (2000) 35 eksemplarer
Bones and the Clown Mix-Up Mystery (2010) 29 eksemplarer
It's a Baby, Andy Russell (2005) 28 eksemplarer
Bunny Rabbit Rebus (1983) 27 eksemplarer
Benny, Benny, Baseball Nut (1987) 27 eksemplarer
Remember Betsy Floss (1987) 26 eksemplarer
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt (2014) 25 eksemplarer
Jackie Robinson: He Was the First (1989) 24 eksemplarer
Easy Math Puzzles (1997) 21 eksemplarer
I Know I'm a Witch (1988) 20 eksemplarer
Jewish Holiday Fun (1987) 20 eksemplarer
Base Five (Young Math Books) (1975) 19 eksemplarer
Run, Mo, Run! (2020) 18 eksemplarer
Bones and the Apple Pie Mystery (2013) 17 eksemplarer
Cam Jansen Double Mystery #2 (2000) 17 eksemplarer
Bones and the Football Mystery (2012) 16 eksemplarer
3D, 2D, 1D (Young Math Books) (1974) 15 eksemplarer
Swim, Mo, Swim! (2020) 14 eksemplarer
A Picture Book of Israel (1984) 14 eksemplarer
Solids, Liquids, Gases, and Plasma (2019) 13 eksemplarer
My Writing Day (1999) 13 eksemplarer
Spike It, Mo! (2022) 13 eksemplarer
My Dog and the Green Sock Mystery (1986) 12 eksemplarer
The Metric System (2020) 11 eksemplarer
The Cam Jansen Fun Book (1992) 11 eksemplarer
Yom Kippur Shortstop (2017) 11 eksemplarer
Cam Jansen Boxed Set #1-8 (2004) 9 eksemplarer
My Dog and the Birthday Mystery (1987) 8 eksemplarer
The Ups and Downs of Gravity (2021) 8 eksemplarer
A Parade for George Washington (2020) 8 eksemplarer
Get on the Ice, Mo! (2022) 7 eksemplarer
Hyperspace!: 2 (1982) 7 eksemplarer
You think it's fun to be a clown! (1980) 5 eksemplarer
Teacher Troubles for Jelly Eli Z. (2018) 5 eksemplarer
My Dog and the Key Mystery (1982) 4 eksemplarer
Cam Jansen Boxed Set #9-16 (2005) 4 eksemplarer
Cam Jansen (2005) 4 eksemplarer
A Pizza Contest for Jelly Eli Z. (2018) 3 eksemplarer
Inflation (1985) 3 eksemplarer
Wernher Von Braun 1 eksemplar
George Washington 1 eksemplar
Cam Hansen-bøgerne 1 eksemplar

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Almen Viden

Kanonisk navn
Adler, David A.
Juridisk navn
Adler, David Abraham
Land (til kort)
New York, New York, USA
New York, New York, USA
Woodmere, New York
Queens College (BA, Economics, Education, 1968)
New York University (MBA, Marketing, 1971)
Teacher (mathematics)
Children's Author
Adler, Michael S. (son)
Priser og hædersbevisninger
Sydney Taylor Book Award
Helen Keating Ott Award
Kort biografi
David A. Adler is an American children's author. He was born in New York City, New York in 1947. He graduated from Queens College in 1968 with a bachelor's degree in economics and education. For the next nine years, he worked as a mathematics teacher for the New York City Board of Education, while taking classes towards a master's degree in marketing, a degree he was awarded by New York University in 1971. In that same year, a question from his then-three-year-old nephew inspired Adler to write his first story, A Little at a Time, subsequently published by Random House in 1976. Adler's next project, a series of math books, drew on his experience as a math teacher. In 1977, he created his most famous character, Cam Jansen, originally featured in Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds, which was published that year.

Adler married psychologist Renee Hamada in 1973, and their first child, Michael, was born in 1977. By that time Adler had taken a break from teaching and, while his wife continued her work, he stayed home, took care of Michael, and began a full-time writing career.

Adler's son, Michael S. Adler, is now the co-author of several books with his father, including A Picture Book of Sam Adams, A Picture Book of John Hancock, and A Picture Book of James and Dolly Madison. Another son, Edward, was the inspiration for Adler's Andy Russell series, with the events described in the series loosely based on adventures the Adler family had with Edward's enthusiasm and his pets.

As of November 2008, Adler has three sons and two grandsons. He lives in Woodmere, New York.

(source: Wikipedia)




What an incredible woman!!! Strong, resilient, other directed, and brazen are but a few words to describe the "Moses of the Underground Railway." Harriet Tubman was born, in a shack with a dirt floor, no windows or furniture, she was a lave on a large plantation in Maryland. The sixth of eleven children, she and her family were owned. She vowed no one should own another and spent her life making this belief come true for herself, for others.

Strong willed and wild, beaten often, but never quiting, she fought for what she believed was right. Whipped, she continued to fight for the right to be free. Harriett was born during the time of abolitionists and was fortunate to be assisted by this group when she ran away. When a young girl, she was hit in the head with a strong metal weight. It left her with wound on her forehead that would never heal and forever gave her headaches. She persisted even though this terrible act almost killed her.

Married to John Tubman who was a free man. She dreamed of running away. He would not leave with her, and promised to tell the master of her plans. She left and found the assistance of the Underground Railway. She entered Pennsylvania, a state that banned slavery. Never a selfish woman, she continued to help other slaves gain freedom. Working until she earned enough money to help her mission become a reality. She made approximately 19 trips from the south to the north. It is estimated that she assisted 300 slaves in their dream to be free.

Called a conductor of the Underground Railway, with a bounty on her head, she became more committed to helping others. Tough and resiliant she was a nurse during the Civil War and continued to help the poor and sick after slavery ended.
… (mere)
Whisper1 | 34 andre anmeldelser | Feb 22, 2024 |



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