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The Secret, Book, and Scone Society (2017) 701 eksemplarer
A Killer Plot (2010) 460 eksemplarer
Murder in the Mystery Suite (2014) 424 eksemplarer
Pies and Prejudice (2012) 308 eksemplarer
The Whispered Word (2018) 278 eksemplarer
A Deadly Cliché (2011) 273 eksemplarer
Murder in the Paperback Parlor (2015) 260 eksemplarer
The Last Word (2011) 230 eksemplarer
Chili Con Corpses (2007) 214 eksemplarer
The Book of Candlelight (2020) 214 eksemplarer
Murder in the Locked Library (2018) 214 eksemplarer
Murder in the Secret Garden (2016) 203 eksemplarer
A Killer Collection (2006) 203 eksemplarer
Written in Stone (2012) 200 eksemplarer
Ink and Shadows (2021) 195 eksemplarer
Peach Pies and Alibis (2013) 184 eksemplarer
Poisoned Prose (2013) 176 eksemplarer
Carbs and Cadavers (2006) 172 eksemplarer
Murder in the Reading Room (2019) 165 eksemplarer
Lethal Letters (2014) 136 eksemplarer
Murder in the Storybook Cottage (2020) 135 eksemplarer
Pecan Pies and Homicides (2014) 134 eksemplarer
The Vanishing Type (2022) 133 eksemplarer
Writing All Wrongs (2015) 126 eksemplarer
Murder in the Cookbook Nook (2021) 125 eksemplarer
A Fatal Appraisal (2007) 110 eksemplarer
Killer Characters (2017) 106 eksemplarer
Fit to Die (2007) 105 eksemplarer
Lemon Pies and Little White Lies (2015) 103 eksemplarer
A Deadly Dealer (2007) 102 eksemplarer
Stiffs and Swine (2008) 95 eksemplarer
The Way of the Guilty (2010) 89 eksemplarer
Breach of Crust (2016) 88 eksemplarer
The Battered Body (2009) 71 eksemplarer
Murder on the Poet's Walk (2022) 68 eksemplarer
Black Beans and Vice (2010) 66 eksemplarer
Stirring Up Strife (2009) 58 eksemplarer
The Path of the Crooked (2014) 48 eksemplarer
Murder in the Book Lover's Loft (2023) 45 eksemplarer
A Treacherous Trader (2014) 35 eksemplarer
A Devious Lot (2015) 29 eksemplarer
The Way of the Wicked (1851) 26 eksemplarer
Pasta Mortem (2018) 25 eksemplarer
Path of the Wicked (2010) 24 eksemplarer
A Killer Keepsake (2017) 23 eksemplarer
Fate of the Fallen (2016) 23 eksemplarer
The Cozy Chicks Kitchen (2012) 21 eksemplarer
The Root of All Evil (2014) 18 eksemplarer
The Graves of the Guilty (2014) 17 eksemplarer
A Bidder End (2019) 15 eksemplarer
A Fatal Fabergé (2020) 13 eksemplarer
The Cozy Cookbook 10 eksemplarer
Mint Condition Murder (2021) 9 eksemplarer
The Deeds of the Deceitful (2020) 9 eksemplarer
Tea Time with the Cozy Chicks (2015) 8 eksemplarer
Read Me (2000) 1 eksemplar
[No title] 1 eksemplar

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This is my second book in a row that I have read that has a librarian/bookish vibe, and I love it! The Vanishing Type is a mystery that centers around the members of the Secret, Book and Scone Society. My favorite quote in the book was the remark made about how we all deserve second chances. When I read it toward the finale, it made me stop and think. We can label people as good or bad, but when we see people as people, we begin to understand how others are led to bad decisions. The book is very detailed and entertaining. As a HUGE coffee lover, I went nuts over all the cute sayings they had on the coffee mugs in the coffee shop that Nora ran. And I loved the personalities of the main characters in the book. You could feel the loyalty and friendship as the plot progressed. There were dark moments, which made you question "who done it", but the ending was very nice! I read this one slowly, as all the details were what made it so INTERESTING! For instance, the artistry on the book cover of the series of books called Lady Artist illustrated by Sadie Strong. The visual of the imagery was similar to Tiffany glass Find a Clue Pictures. The saying that history repeats itself seems to play a part, as well. The book tackles jealousy, greed, adoption, poor upbringing and even love connections. So many themes packaged nicely in a fictional book intended to entertain as much as it informed.… (mere)
doehlberg63 | 11 andre anmeldelser | Dec 2, 2023 |
Jane Steward is a single mom of twins trying to save her family's literary themed resort, Storyton Hall, from financial disaster. As she learns the ropes of running the fabled resort from her Aunt and Uncle, she's inspired to host a Murder and Mayhem Week for fans of mysteries. Chock full of role-playing and crime solving events, the event is sure to attract mystery lovers from afar. All is fun and games until the lines between fiction and reality become blurred. With a real crime or two to solve in addition to keeping guests happy, Jane quickly realizes there's more to the hospitality business than just booking guest rooms.

The Bottom Line: This is the first book in the Book Retreat Mystery series. It was recommended to me by a fellow mystery buff, and I'm glad she did. With a quick pace, likable characters, and a literary theme, this cozy mystery is an action-packed weekend read with a surprise twist ending that I didn't see coming. Enthusiastically recommended for fans of cozies and literary themed books. I'm looking forward to book #2.

This review also appears at the Mini Book Bytes Book Review Blog.
… (mere)
aya.herron | 28 andre anmeldelser | Nov 20, 2023 |
cfulton20 | 15 andre anmeldelser | Nov 13, 2023 |
cfulton20 | 14 andre anmeldelser | Nov 13, 2023 |


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