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Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man (2020) 533 eksemplarer, 15 anmeldelser
Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy (2021) 98 eksemplarer, 2 anmeldelser
Illogical: Saying Yes to a Life Without Limits (2022) 43 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse

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This is one of the books I will be purchasing copies of to hand out to friends who have not read it yet. It is written to be very easy to read for those who are just beginning their learning journey. You will come away with a long list of other books, essays, documentaries and organizations to check out as you continue. I definitely recommend it.

Content Note: There is one instance of the use of the f-word in the book. It is used in the context of a quote and is on page 65.
erindarlyn | 14 andre anmeldelser | Jan 21, 2023 |
I really enjoyed reading this book. I actually listen to it which, similar to listening to the audiobook of Stamped by Jason Reynolds, made me feel like I was sitting in the room with a Emmanuel and having a conversation with him. A lot of questions that I have personally as a white woman were answered, however I do have some other questions that may someday be answered. They will help me to keep the uncomfortable conversations going. This book helped me to step out of my comfort zone and into my uncomfortable zone. Conversations are what we need and should be continued. This is a book that should be read in HS.… (mere)
Z_Brarian | 14 andre anmeldelser | Dec 12, 2022 |
Relatively easy read given the subject matter. Favorite fun fact (not checked): the NYC police budget is 5.6 billion dollars; if this were defense spending, it would place NYC 33 in the world.
Castinet | 14 andre anmeldelser | Dec 11, 2022 |
Clarification: I read this book from my library because if it is available there, it helps me decide whether or not to buy a book. I do not wish to own this book, and following are some of my reasons. The personal development points are valid. If you have already spent time building personal development skills, you are unlikely to benefit from this book. If you are interested in knowing more about the author, then the book may be of interest for you. As for the writing, it starts out well. The examples of how the author chose actions to overcome obstacles (e.g., the use of research to reach success in tasks), is valuable. By the time I was a third of the way through the book, I could see heavy repetition, both of the terminology and referencing the same stories. The use of the term "illogical" is interesting and I like it; and I can see how the author repeats it to bring the points back to the theme. Unfortunately, it is painfully overused. I think the Bible stories and religious references do not belong here at all. Editorial note: For example, in Chapter 11, “Goals Are Dumb”, the chapter begins with a story that is really about “expectations” not “goals”. The chapter does later get to the topic of goals and points about when goals are not helpful. Conclusion: The writing needs much editing and focus to make this book worth buying.… (mere)
pandr65 | Sep 19, 2022 |



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