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The New Cranks Recipe Book (1996) 92 eksemplarer
Cranks light (1998) 45 eksemplarer
Secrets from a Vegetarian Kitchen (1996) 37 eksemplarer
The new vegetarian cookbook (1996) 17 eksemplarer
Enjoy: New Veg with Dash (2005) 14 eksemplarer

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Indeholder "Introduction", "The Cranks Philosophy", "Starters", " Spanish Potato Omelette", " Mango, papaya and avocado salad with crumbled Dolcelatte and orange and raspberry dressing", " Aubergine and wild rice gateau", " Rice and courgette timbales", " Deep-fried wontons with green beans and asparagus in black bean sauce", " Spinach and sundried tomato roulade with a cream cheese and flaked almond filling", " Ravioli with three fillings in rosemary, garlic and lime butter", " Gateau de crepes Florentines", " Couscous terrine with grilled red peppers and aubergines", " Aubergine charlotte", " Spinach risotto pie", " Feta cheese and sundried tomato souffle spiked with fresh herbs and black olives", "Soups", " Curried parsnip soup", " Carrot soup with lime, coriander, coconut and spinach", " Old-fashioned lentil soup", " Red onion soup with toasted cheese floats", " Caribbean pepperpot", " Wild mushroom soup with Port", " Minestrone", " Borscht with accessories", " Cream of onion soup", " Country vegetable soup", " Fresh garlic and blood orange vichyssoise with garlic leaf and coriander", " Chickpea soup with lime-infused cream", " Cream of broccoli soup with walnut and Dolcelatte gnocchi", "Main Courses", " Potatoes with red onion and tomatoes", " Tagliatelle with broad beans, saffron and sundried vegetables", " Pasta with artichoke hearts, pine nuts and green olives", " Penne with sundried tomato and cream sauce", " Rice and vegetable biryani", " Pizzas", " Pizza dough", " Tomato sauce for pizzas", " Pizza topping 1", " Pizza topping 2", " Pizza topping 3", " Green beans with red onion confit, cannellini beans and tomatoes", " Couscous with roasted vegetables", " Mashed potato with sauteed vegetables", " Chickpea fritters with tikka sauce", " Vermouth mushrooms on toasted brioche served with poached egg", " Cannelloni", " Filled aubergine rolls", " Cheese and onion bread pudding", " Vegetable brochettes with spiced rice", " Noodles with sauteed aubergine and smoked tofu", " Polenta gnocchi with roasted vegetables", " Filled baked potatoes 1", " Filled baked potatoes 2", " Wild mushroom fricassee", " Individual souffles", " Filled giant pumpkin with herbed whipped cream", " Middle Eastern potato casserole", " Spaghetti with radicchio", " Soubise rice", " Lasagne", " Potato Galette with baby vegetables in saffron, thyme, lime and chilli butter", " Chickpea casserole", " Pumpkin and watercress gnocchi with green and purple basil", " Homity pie", " Vegetable paella", " Black and red bean casserole with lime and coriander cream", " Pea and asparagus risotto with broad beans", " Aubergine and fennel saute", " Vegetable saute with polenta gnocchi", " Layered grilled vegetable ring", " Sunday roast with roasted vegetables and mushroom and onion sauce", " Filled field mushrooms with Puy lentils", " Butterbean casserole with cider", " Pan-fried noodles with seared tofu, vegetables and cashew nuts", " Noodles with pumpkin, coconut milk, coriander, lime and fresh chilli", " Ratatouille", " Filled peppers with yoghurt and coriander salsa", " Kumara pie", " Boston baked beans", "Savoury Tarts", " Cherry tomato tart with feta cheese and black olives", " Broccoli and Dolcelatte tart with mascarpone", " Nadine's pissaladiere", " Mushroom lattice tart", " Garlic, olive and grilled courgette tart", " French onion tart", " Roasted baby aubergine tart", " Grilled Mediterranean tart", " Pumpkin tart with walnuts, spinach and Parmesan", " Swiss chard and radicchio tart", "Vegetables and Side Dishes", " Roasted baby squash served with Greek yoghurt", " Mangetout, baby corn and asparagus with toasted seeds and hiziki seaweed", " Baby Brussels with Parmesan and new potatoes", " Split roasted potatoes", " Baked vegetables in parchment", " Braised cabbage with wild mushrooms", " Roasted Jerusalem artichokes with red wine", " Pumpkin and mangetout with seaweed", " Mixed squashes sauteed with a fresh herb, ginger and lime glaze", " Tempura green beans", " Three bean and vegetable purees", " Broad bean puree", " Cannellini bean puree", " Root vegetable puree", " Grilled shiitake mushrooms with spring onions", " Roasted winter vegetables", "Salads", " Salade cuite (Chouchouka)", " Fennel and tomato salad", " Roast fennel, chicory and artichoke salad with fresh garlic, pine nuts and sundried tomato dressing", " Panzanella", " Grilled baby vegetables marinated in chilli oil and balsamic vinegar", " New potato and green bean salad with red onion and cheddar cheese", " Chickpea salad with coriander, paprika, cumin and yoghurt sauce", " Sprouted pulse and seed salad with garlic and tofu mayonnaise", " Mixed bean salad with coriander sauce and grilled red pepper", " Rocket salad with Parmesan and asparagus", " Avocado with mixed leaves and pesto", " Chicory, watercress and pomegranate salad with walnut oil", " New potato salad with herbs and Parmesan", " Kohlrabi and pear with a Dolcelatte dressing and fresh walnuts", " Cherry tomatoes, black olives, baby cucumber and baby mozzarella", " Beetroot salad with red onions and balsamic vinegar", " Grilled aubergine with smoked mozzarella fritters and tomatoes", " Chinese leaf salad with walnuts and cheese in light mayonnaise", " Warm mushroom salad with quails' eggs", " Warm pasta salad with rocket, black olives and sundried tomatoes", " Cauliflower and broccoli salad with roasted red peppers and grain mustard dressing", "Desserts", " Almond meringue with chocolate mousse and Chantilly", " Coconut, cardamom and lime ice cream", " Exotic fruit salad in a raspberry sauce served in a chocolate bowl", " Lemon tart", " Creme brulee", " Baked nectarines", " Bitter chocolate mousse tart", " Baked winter fruit", " Pineapple, raisin and coconut crumble", " Chocolate pecan tart", " Fruit savarin", " Chocolate and walnut roulade with raspberries", " Pear and blackberry crumble", " Lemon pudding", " Pear, almond and blackberry tart", " Pancakes with apples, calvados and maple syrup served with pecan ice cream", " Pecan ice cream", " Christmas pudding", " Sticky date pudding with brandy and pecan sauce", " Summer pudding", " Dairy-free chocolate cake with raspberries", " Baked cheesecake", " Bread and butter pudding", "Cakes and Baking", " Orange parsnip cake", " Carrot cake", " Polenta and ricotta cake with apricots and brandy", " Pear tarte Tatin", " Date and fig logs", " Chocolate cake with violet creme fraiche", " Lemon, lime and poppyseed trickle cake", " Scones", " Cheese scones", " Brioche", " Dutch apple pie", " Cranks wholemeal bread", " Pumpkin pie", " Prune and honey cake", " Date slices", "Index".

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