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銀河英雄伝説 (3) (1984) 2 eksemplarer
創竜伝〈11〉銀月王伝奇 (2000) 2 eksemplarer
中欧怪奇紀行 2 eksemplarer
創竜伝〈12〉竜王風雲録 (2003) 2 eksemplarer
バルト海の復讐 2 eksemplarer
CHRONIQUES DES 7 CITES T01 (2022) 1 eksemplar
Dragon Brothers, Tome 1 : (2007) 1 eksemplar
Chroniques des 7 Cités, t. 02 (2022) 1 eksemplar
長江有情 1 eksemplar
夏の魔術 1 eksemplar
白い迷宮 1 eksemplar
白夜の弔鐘 1 eksemplar
七都市物語 (2005) 1 eksemplar

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Volume 7 of the Arslan saga has a very tight and fast-moving plot - once again, (and just like in the two volumes before that) some things are handled differently from the anime. I liked this element of surprise. It's just a pity that there wasn't time to focus on the characters, except maybe Arslan in the last couple of pages. Also, the drawing was quite sloppy at times, what was that about? I am still enjoying the series, hopefully the next volume is going to be an improvement.
Alexandra_book_life | Dec 15, 2023 |
A manga series that continues to impress and entertain. There were some scenes/details in this volume that were not in the anime (as far as I remember ;-) ), I appreciated it very much.

I love the characters, it's nice to know that there are still many volumes left for me to enjoy...
Alexandra_book_life | 1 anden anmeldelse | Dec 15, 2023 |
My goodness, how I rushed and flew through volume 8 :))) Things are leaping at you from every panel. The first third is about yet another battle. With war elephants! War elephants! Then there was Daryun’s duel. I knew exactly how it would go, but it still left me breathless. The art in this instalment is great once again (volume 7 was just a glitch, what a relief). I just loved the way the characters’ facial expressions were done.

Keep them coming ;)
Alexandra_book_life | Dec 15, 2023 |
I really enjoyed the anime series (it's on Netflix, check it out ;-)) and had trouble letting go. So, here I am, diving into the manga. Just like the anime series, this is an epic fantasy with great characters. (I'm particularly fond of Daryun and Narsus.) And despite knowing exactly what was going to happen, I swallowed the first volume quickly (too quickly) and with pleasure. I loved the drawing style!
Looking forward to the rest of the series...
Alexandra_book_life | 2 andre anmeldelser | Dec 15, 2023 |


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